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  1. Last week, I tried to log into my account on Phoenix viewer and my avatar refused to load. She remained as a cloud for over 2 hours until I gave up and logged out. When I logged back in the next day, she was still a cloud. I tried rebaking, but she just turned into Ruth. I changed my bandwidth and graphic settings, cleared cache, went into debug settings to change RenderUnloadedAvatar to true, and I even sat on a deruthing object. Nothing has worked. I've even tried Ascent and 1.23 viewers with the same result. I've uninstalled and reinstalled viewers, no change. I even went so far as to erase my hard drive and start completely over, and she is still ruthed. I've logged into an alt account of mine, and that avatar loads perfectly fine, but my main account avatar is still Ruthed. I've tried detaching all items, including clothes (in a very quiet sim XD), but if I try to replace any item with something else I am told I have to wait until my avatar is loaded. Edit appearance isn't an option as it's grayed out on the pie menu. Every item in my inventory is shown on the list, so it's not that my inventory isn't loading. I did submit a ticket to LL, but it's already been a week and they haven't yet responded... so I'm asking for help. Do you know how to fix this without LL's help? Thank you. Edit: I just logged back in world and found that my avatar is wearing a shape called "RuthHairFix" in my inventory, which I didn't put on her myself and that I apparently can't replace (I get a message telling me I have to wait until my clothing and skin load). I right-clicked "RuthHairFix" in my inventory and clicked Edit, which put me in Edit Appearance mode. I found out that I can create and wear a shape, skin, hair, clothes, etc myself from scratch, but I still can't change using anything already in my inventory, and even though I created and wore the new shape I created, she is also still wearing "RuthHairFix." Wearing two shapes? What is going on here? I'm not skilled in SL enough to create my avatar 100% from scratch...does this mean she's doomed forever? :'(
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