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  1. Mags Indigo wrote: Giving up money is one thing... how about giving up the 'right' to make as many threads as you want - or maybe only residents over a certain age can make threads??? I am not willing to give up a single thing. LL has taken enough over the years. We have spam because LL is neglecting a part of their platform, not because we have too many perks. Especially those of us who have premium accounts.
  2. Mags Indigo wrote: In the war against spam - what 'freedom' on the forums would you be prepared to give up in order to make it easier to keep spam under control? (Anti Spam Thread) We have freedom on the forums?? Maybe I just haven't ranked up enough to see it...
  3. Peter Bowler wrote: Hello every body. A friend of my has been given an avatar from a player who had age verified it. Now, the new owner wants to upgrade this account to premium. Will he have a problem doing this, given that the previous owner gave different personal details to verify. Thank you. :smileyhappy: Considering you aren't ever supposed to transfer an account, I would say he will have a huge problem. So this is one of the ways the kiddies are circumventing age verification these days, eh? The new owner would be well advised to age verify their own account, or stick to wha
  4. Wildcat Furse wrote: what would be cool, is to add the number of hours spend by each resident in-world on the badge, a fair solution that could solve the ranking system issue immediately (what is more contributive to the grid, forum posting or in-world activity?). Another idea would be to have an online indicator on our badges, always handy if u want to contact someone in-world *meows* Listing the number of hours an account was left logged in with avatar firmly attached to a camping chair won't provide any better indication of the value of one's input that the current silly system. I s
  5. Qie Niangao wrote: Deltango Vale wrote: There are some obvious mismatches between posters and their 'rank', which makes me question the entire ranking structure. Best to get rid of it. Just show our SL birthdate, post count etc.. (This has probably been raised before in other threads, but) Yeah: WTF is the point of the "Registered" date? It seems to be the date on which we first subjected ourselves to the Jive clusterforums. That's hardly something to commemorate. QFE! I couldn't agree more.
  6. Dillon Levenque wrote: Hi Suspiria--in fact Keli noticed that earlier and there's a thread about it: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Off-Topic/Invisible-to-visitors/td-p/712661 I kind of liked the idea. I mean, we are whackos. Why let potential new SL residents see the kind of maniacs they might have to deal with? We don't want to be responsible for scaring people away. Personally, I think people should know EXACTLY what they are in for with Second Life. lol Let them make informed choices when picking what virtual world to use. :smileywink:
  7. Ossian wrote: I think that corporations generally have looked for ways to "reward" people in ways that don't cost any real money. When I think of ranks and cooties, it reminds of me how I felt after finishing a project from hell... and my boss talked about how "great" it would be to give all of us a t-shirt or mug as thanks. It's like giving a dog a picture of a biscuit. It might look good, but it means nothing.
  8. In my recent V2 revisit, I noticed the web profiles seemed to load slowly, as did search. Still overwhelmingly underwhelmed by the V2 project.
  9. If I log in from Second Life's main page and then have to log in again to see the community platform, it is most definitely not "Single Sign On." I would love to see this corrected. Please?
  10. The time and money you spend on entertainment is an expense, not an investment. Linden Lab is not a bank. You don't earn dividends or interest on the money you pay them for their services. Forgive me, I didn't realize you were unaware that the word "investment" has many different definitions dependent upon context. Please see the following link for more information: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/investment I apologize if the wording "just shut up and go do it" is too strong for you or if you take it as some kind of attack directed at you personally. The statement is not
  11. Opensource, I agree. These are people who have already chosen to not be customers. The resources and effort it would require to try to change their minds would probably be wasted. It makes a lot more sense to focus on those who want to use the platform rather than those who don't. Whether or not their minds can be changed is less important that identifying the precise reasons why these people have left, and make changes in policy and platform to rectify the issues that drove paying customers away. These are people that would still be using the platform, had their issues been addressed.
  12. I think those who are extremely dissatisfied with the virtual world platform Linden Lab offers should go make their own damned virtual world platform. If you think you can do so much better, just shut up and go do it. It is so very easy to lambast those who express frustrations with the provider of the service they pay for when you are so gleefully happy with it, isn't it? You know damned well that a good many people have invested quite a lot of time and money into their virtual existances here, only to have their concerns summarily dismissed when the are raised. If Linden Research, Inc.
  13. 18 months ago, I decided that LL is no good - incapable of running SL and intentionally going against their own paying customers - and I decided to close my store. I'm not stupid enough to turn off the flow of money while it's worth having, so I've been allowing the store to run down ever since then. I think this is the kind of users Linden Lab should not pay attention to. Let me get this straight... you think Linden Research, Inc. (aka Linden Lab) should NOT pay attention to paying customers winding down their participation in the revenue generating virtual economy of Second Life? Chanc
  14. Having said that though, I personally belive that, depsite some failings over the years, LL is one of the few profit making companies that allows it's customers to be so heavily involved in some of it's decision making processes, and that this new communication strategy is the right approach to get the balance between customer involvement and the needs of the company right. Some failings? Well THAT certainly understates it! Region crossings have been a nightmare for YEARS, asset servers ate people's inventory regularly for YEARS, group chat (core feature) broken for YEARS, Search has bee
  15. It also helps if they discuss the actual issue in a civil and constructive way rather than competing to see who can come up with the most insidious interpretation of our motives, Could I just point out that a motive having an insidious interpretation does not necessarily prove that it's an incorrect interpretation... Excellent point.
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