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  1. You have been unsubscribed. Thanks for your help. I just got a text confirming it too.
  2. Thanks but I can't see anything relating to SMS messages or grid status updates. That seems to be centred around the forums and activity here. Am I missing something?
  3. Some time ago I signed up for SMS status updates, which was fine but I've changed my phone and want to stop them now. Sadly I cannot remember how to turn them off, and I've looked at all the places I can think of on the web page and I'm still no further ahead. Can somebody please jog my memory and remind me where to control that. Thanks
  4. It can happen for no obvious reason, a spike in the net somewhere between you and the SL server or any kind of issue. It's not uncommon, even with a solid connection at your own end. If your net is stable and your PC is not experiencing other issues, there's a good chance it's just something that happened. If not, fix those issues first. If you've done that and it still happens continuously, submit a ticket to LL and see what they have to say.
  5. Thanks. I'll definitely try that
  6. Darren that's a really interesting point. I'll have to see if Lumiya runs on it!
  7. well thanks for answering! I guess I'll just have to presume that the Events listing is a borked and unusable resource fro teh time being
  8. I'm trying to post an event and the system is refusing to let me post it saying that my event is an adult event and I am holding it on mature land. This is not the case. My title is: Northern Soul and the text is DJ Riff Gaffer takes you back to the 70s and 80s and the north of England, with memories of clubs in Manchester, Stoke and Wigan, when youngsters rejected the current trends of the day and sought out old, but still exciting, soul cuts from across the Atlantic. Join us at one of the coolest clubs on the grid as we explore the predecessors to raves and let's get to groove like it's 1979. What on earth is adult about the above?
  9. I used to correspond with a couple of friends using messages on the web page. This was useful if I was unable to log in world, for example when at work. I'd not used that for a while and now that feature seems to have been removed with little or no announcement? Can anyone confirm that or has it changed so I can't see how to do it now?
  10. that depends on your phone. There are versions for iphone and android but not yet a windowsphone version to my knwoledge.
  11. I know what my Chromebook is, and is not. My business runs on Google so it's ideal for me but as George pointed out I am looking for something that will work on the web. The Official SL website is just too horrid and clunky to be viable.
  12. I've just bought a shiny new Acer C7 Google Chromebook. It's rather lovely. It has a big hard drive But it doesn't seem to be able to run SL - even at a basic level. Is there a web based chat there that I can use that's a bit more elegant than the standard SL web page? Some kind of SL chat would be fantastic for when I'm far from home and only my chrome for company! Any advice is welcome!
  13. Thanks for the input. Sadly that uses a totally different set of repos, so it's not going to work for me but appreciate the help
  14. I've just installed CentOS 64 bit and I cannot get SL to run. It downloads fine but fails to run - but ironically it runs fine in the 32 bit version on my spare machine. All other codecs and sofware seems to work fine... What am I missing?
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