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  1. I think the secret behind the mystery of those vehicles is best explained here: http://secondthoughts.typepad.com/second_thoughts/2011/02/software-hubris-or-the-invasion-of-annmarie-otooles-vehicles-everywhere.html
  2. The new communication strategy shouldn't become fashion in the business world. I imagine a luxury restaurant which welcomes its customers at the entrance door with the words: "Go to the next fast food restaurant! There you can find out more about us! Ah wait, before you go: and tell them, you like us!"
  3. I have only two hands. So, I am unable to create a whole forest full of facepalms. I will plant some more palm trees inworld. Because the grid is my avatars world, not the "web". (And if I want something about my avatar on a website, I can do it by myself on a lazy day, and: better!)
  4. Facebook = KGB on a voluntary basis. Major league data mining. And: Facebook has guidelines and ToS too. It is not allowed there to use avatars and fantasy names. FB is just not our turf. In this way it is *not* the "best place to find out about cool things going on in Second Life, share ideas, and get the inside scoop on inworld events, contests, machinima releases, PR activities, fun discussions, and more."
  5. Hi, ok, this is a good Robinson-job since you've found the island.. The next challenge is, to build 1 - 2 windows, a working door, a fireplace/chimney and a couch. ETA: if you look into your friendslist and find the name "Torley" - he is nice and kind of our mascot - don't give him building rights for your land/objects, especially if you don't want that someday all your buildings are redyed in shiny pink and glowing green.
  6. 297.000.000 Smith, 10.400.000 Maier, 21.500.000 Dupont, 99.900.000 Gonzalez, 176.000.000 Rossi are very happy now that Linden Lab doesn't call itself Smith Lab, or Maier Lab, Dupont Lab, Gonzalez Lab, Rossi Lab. But tens of thousands of German, Austrian, Swiss, Belgium, Netherland, Luxemburg, Liechtenstein people with the second name Linden are not amused that they can't chose their own name as display name. Linden Lab should be renamed as *Zoodlewurdle Lab*. This would help much to prevent such issues.
  7. Yeah! A new round rollercoaster without seat-belts. We quickly received a new complimentary ticket. The thrill is back! (In case anyone missed it)
  8. I still use version 1.23.5 - it is fast, easy and fun, because there is no sidebar in my view and I don't feel like a dray-horse with blinds while walking through the world - and I can reach everyhting what I need with one click. Less is more. An evergreen design rule.
  9. Hm. My and my partners cash cows suffer from costiveness. This could be a psychosomatic reaction by reading conditions, procedure-steps and prices, said our veterinarian, Dr. Mooh. This is a common phenomen here in the austrian alps, that cash cows are reacting kind of allergic on such offers.
  10. If I sit with Sherlock and Dr. Watson in an old english smokers club, discussing the WikiLeaks news and Cablegate, or if I discuss the spring collection of new clothes with my biz-partner, I have no ambition that teens ears and eyes growing into our property. Not to mention that we have - so far and still - the freedom and spontaneity to change from one second to another into a more romantic conversation and so on... And since people like Peter Greenaway, Peter Weibel or Peter Sloterdijk are from time to time on the grid (no joke! They are (+ 18+ students) on the ZKM sims - a University from
  11. I really would like to see SL keep its freedoms, what kind of second life are we goin to have when it becomes so comingeled with our real lives? Straightjacket Life. Censored to death. Major league boredom. Like attending the Woodstock Festival in business suits. An atmosphere like in Vienna's St. Stephen's Cathedral on sunday mornings. Visiting southern French's Cap d' Agde in June, dressed in Trenchcoats. Going through the Louvre, blindfolded. Dancing in Munich's noble Disco P1 dressed in Winterclothes and Moonboots. Listening to the Rolling Stones with *beeps*, etc. Community Standard w
  12. Why would LL tattoo underwear on default avatars if they expected and intended Second Life to be a porn site? Because they have no informations about nature? Can it be possible that the LL management has tattooed underwear on their human and/or avatar skins?
  13. I don't know. I have no spy in the company, so I have no idea what they incubate.
  14. Nany Kayo says in response to ZenWarrior Fuosing At that rate of return, you are not a significant customer for LL, so it doesn't really matter what you think. LL would have little reason to pay attention to what you or others who have already opted out have to say. It is the customers who are still in the game who matter. An old german tradesmen quote, roughly translated by me: "Who doesn't honor the cent is not worth the dollar" Means: if many small tier paying people reducing their costs, it *will* hit LL *hard*
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