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  1. No I haven't. The worrying part is that when I went to Preferences-Chat the box was checked as if I had manually enabled typing animation, and Debug had it set as "True". My alt's setting is unaffected. I wouldn't have been aware that the typing animation was on except I could hear it...my AO was masking the actual animation. The AO I use has no typing animation/sound within it so I'm stumped for a reason. Thank you anyhow.
  2. When I logged in today and began to participate in a chat session, I realised the default typing animation and its clickety-click sound was happening. I've had this feature turned off since the very early days of my SL.....over 11 years and not had this before. Easy to turn off again, but is there a shortcut or way to enable it that I've maybe accessed by accident?
  3. One of my pet peeves is when a person descibes their avatar as "my avi"....where is the "i" in "avatar"?
  4. ...and don't say Brexit is a "stupid decision". That's your opinion, which you are entitled to but if you can't afford £6.00 on top of what you were paying, I suggest you were sailing too close to the wind previously with whatever disposable income you have. I'm on retirement income also and would have no problem with a £6.00 increase. Forum says I'm a "Newbie" but been on SL for 11 years and counting, and have had homestead sims whilst on said retirement income. Official Brexit date tomorrow: Hurrah!
  5. Hi and yes, Netgear DGN 1000 router allows login to Second Life, but logs you out within 2 minutes - found this out today to my dismay - all other internet functions are fine. Reinstalled my older Netgear which worked ok . Definitely a firewall issue....
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