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  1. I am aware of how sculpties worked Thankfully, we don't have to do that anymore. Still you had a full perm dress and access to UV as well as bakes. I wouldn't call that working in blind. EDIT: also i will add, since enjoy creating and buying full perm, i can suggest that you open a little store and share your creations with people who can also enjoy them. just an idea 😊
  2. Now you're just throwing things out for the sake of throwing things out. Clearly that is not what I meant. If you bought something and it has an alpha error, the normal thing to do is to reach out to a creator and ask them for a fixed version. Not sit there steaming that the creator is not perfect. Nobody is perfect - everyone make mistakes, especially when packing hundreds of items into boxes. The kindest of customers let creators know of any issues early on so they can quickly correct them. Auto alpha scripts exist to help customer and save them time from fiddling with their body HUD, a
  3. To YOU that says customer is too stupid - not to me. That came from your head not anyone else's. Just as far as saying "delusions of grandeur" is as incorrect for most creators as it could get. You cannot tell someone how or what they feel. If you believe you can do better job than a creator, that says a lot about you - not the creator. This is almost an attempt to manipulate ie. give me mod rights otherwise you are stuck up and you think you're too good and i won't buy from you. Just no. You shop wherever you want, but you can't tell people what they think. You are absolutely correct tha
  4. Speaking from a creators point of view. Enabling mod potentially will break a product, its scripts and make it look like something entirely different and cause more headaches for creators. It compromises everything a creator spend many hours working on. A creator gets a heap of IMs of so many issues already and this would be adding to more to their workload, having to deal with broken products. Some people don't understand that they can redeliver. And they will hound a creator in frustration (sometimes anger) if something is broken. People could drop random textures or accidentally w
  5. I just spoke to live chat and they said that the cap will be at $25 - basically $10 increase and rest is the same - still 1.5%
  6. Hmm correct me someone if I'm wrong, but if an object is "NO mod", your customer cannot save the NC inside this object, simply because the object is no mod. The notecard is still full perm, but the object permissions do not allow any editing. They don't have the rights to modify it or it's contents. It's not a bug, it's how it works. It works for you with NO-mod permissions on objects because you are the owner/creator of the object. Even if you set it to no copy, no mod along with content permissions off, you can still mod it, because you created it and own it. So if you want your customers
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