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  1. It's still impossible to turn ANS on or off on specific items in the marketplace. Or delivery notification for that matter. This means people with a few items they want to track, and 100 sales a day of freebies/cheapies they don't want tracked, have their email box fill up and stall once a week from the spam and some product simply discountinued garantee or updates because of it --- others decided to remove well-loved but low income products builders have been relying on for over 5 years, so that they could track their important products as needed. The database, however, can be set to ignore the unwanted 'delivery notice spam' but the bandwidth is still being paid often x1000 what it should be (not to mention Linden Labs pays for that and charges indirectly for it, too) so merchants are being stolen a few % of revenue... ...but for delivery notices sent to email? Still spammed to hell and back. Gmail filters can't handle it because of the format they come under for some products, and my signal to noise ratio in my email box today was 1 to 573...
  2. This is worse than the entire 2.x viewer interface fiasco: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-24062 (enough textures blinking every second to the point of wiping out some photosensitive communities quitting SL entirely, cache bias up to 1.5 instead of at zero as if cache was super-super full, zombie texture fetch threads never die, most small help panels in multiple sims are both blurry and blinking fast) It's not new of this release, affects ALL viewers across ALL OSes since a server version change about 5 weeks ago. One more of my friends quit SL over it today, I am so pissed! (not to mention it makes land hard to rent, people think it's bandwidth-laggy when it's not)
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