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  1. How are you? Where u from? How old r u?, Cute av, Nice outfit, mmmmmm, where did you get your skin?
  2. Back in 2007, I was attending a 'best in red' club event. I was pretty proud of the outfit I'd bought for the event with its long flowing flexi prims..and I felt sure I stood a very good chance of winning the 500L$ prize. Then after 2 hours the club DJ announced the winner and it wasn't me never mind... then...my so called 'friends' sent me some snapshots. I'd been well and truely 'ruthed' since my arrival....
  3. I'd just like to say how happy and excited I am about this news. SL is an amazing product but its core graphics underneath the hood are circa 2002. There have been great improvements by LL and residents have done wonders with this platfom, but fundamental things such as the default avatar mesh, UV maps ect cannot be improved without breaking existing content and upsetting a lot of people..Far better to start again and work from bottom up. I'm sure we will be blown away by the new graphics engine, shaders and avatar quality. I always wished I had been at the start of SL in 2002, now I can be at the start of this it's going to be great!
  4. Your Computer is not so bad, but your Graphics card is 2007 vintage. Getting a more recent card, even if a year or two old would make a big difference.
  5. OMG I'm gettting sucked in here..didn't intend to but this forum stuff is addictive. I agree Facelights very much enhance and stop those awful monkey shadow faces that our present lighting system gives us...BUT for those who have enabled the new shadows and ambient occlusion feature and are loving it. You will see exactly what I mean and understand when you encounter attached lights. The tip was only a way of silently switching them off without upset to others. Before After:
  6. Yes I should have pointed out that this could be a solution mainly for those lucky enough to be able to run with the new deferred lighting system which makes facelights redundant as you get gorgeous natural looking shadows and lighting over faces, skins etc....that is until somebody TP's in wearing a facelight and most of our view contrasts out white. Glow still works though..even if attached...good news for tentacle lovers.
  7. Often we are blinded by some avatars appearing in a room wearing multiple facelights, and with the latest subtle lighting and shadows which renders facelights unecessary even more so..total white out in some cases So here is the solution without having to scream at those individuals and cause upset. Control Alt D to enable the Develop Menu Go to Rendering , then scroll down to 'Render attached lights' and click tick off disable. You will never see another facelight!
  8. If he is cloning himself with a hud and making his bot sit on a poseball, then V3 has new parcel commands to stop people from seeing into and talking to other avatars on a parcel. ie he will only see an empty skybox as he looks in. after 20mins of staring at an empty skybox on his screen he might get bored.
  9. I note your skybox is at 3000m. Linden estate ban lines only go up to 750m and after that, an avatar can fly up and sit on a poseball to enter a parcel and walk around quite happily! (a direct tp is blocked though). An active orb is the only way. I use Landmanager from the Techno kitty store (Roberto Salubrius´╗┐) I find it effective, even on a seated avatar. Be sure to add Resident to the last name..if they only have a first name. Hope this helps Sky
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