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  1. my understanding is she said "the" designer" (on the marketplace) of said product. not a new designer. the context is someone uploading an empty box with an established designers logo on it. so she's asking for verification of identity, not if one can design or not. (which is subjective anyway) hope that clarifies.
  2. this is great i will pass this on to our community! thanks! (KittyCatS! owners)
  3. hi grumpity! this thread has exploded so it's hard to know if you have commented or answered on some of the posts i've written asking about the double hike in cash out fees. i am many of my colleagues who are content creators who do business in SL would like to ask you to please reconsider this enormous increase coming with such a short notice. the costs of doing business are high as it is, and the short notice leaves no time to adjust. not to mention that just a few years ago it was 1 dollar then 10, then 25 then a huge hike to 250, now it will be doubled to 500 (per 10k, your numbers) it
  4. yes, that's true however we've not raised out prices ever. in over 8 years. we're mindful of listening to our customers and know it's tight for them. also, moving stuff to the cloud has actually lowered server costs (from what i have been told, if that's true) the higher rates are (from what i've heard) something they've wanted to do because other 3d sites that sell content make 30% of what people sell and they feel they were too low. (if that's true from the articles and interviews i've read) however, that is not a good reason, just because you can doesn't mean one should. especially
  5. Hoping they come back to us with a new decision on cash out fees. there's a good reason the lower ones have worked. my fear is more amazing creators leaving and giving residents less amazing stuff to buy. in a way creators are working for LL, making experiences and products they don't have to pay a staff to make. it's a great biz model really. encouraged by them listening to the voices about the groups and adjusting that. hoping they do the same with doubling the cash out rate ti's a HUGE jump with not even a 30 day notice. that's harsh. still waiting! (and reporting back inworld to
  6. thank you so much for hearing what people have said. i know business is hard and always needs to adjust and listen to their customers and i really appreciate you guys listening AND making a change. Seth Godin (whom I read and study with) teaches a lot about the new way of marketing and how companies who want to succeed really need to listen to their loyal customers. and you changing this really is a positive thing to me. will you please also get back to us on the doubled fee for creators? i've gotten tons of messages from creators who are so discouraged. like really. the feeling is
  7. yes i know there are fees... however, i'm really doubtful they are this much. i'm going to inquire and find out from someone i know who works in this area. i'm really curious now as i just can't believe it's double what it was. (2.5% more) and before that it went up from $25 max (per 10k usd) to $250. and that was a huge shock to so many people. and a huge cut in pay instantly (though they did give us like a 4 month notice unlike this one) which leaves NO room to adjust real life budgets. etc
  8. i hope they do!!! really!! we always listen to our customers and have adjusted decisions we were off about when they spoke up, so who knows!
  9. i'm not sure if it's still true but i was told by the owner of paypal who was an early investor in SL and hung out there (ebay owner) that sl had the $1 cash out fee with pay pal forever as part of some deal they did with LL. that it would never change. i'm not sure if that was true but at the time (about 13 years ago) he was telling a group of us about investing in sl and why it's a great place for people to create and try to earn money and how this deal with pay pal made it so they kept almost all they earned (except for the conversion rate) however, it does cost money to keep up with fe
  10. no, actually it doesn't have to be that way. there are many many ways a business can increase revenue. people are upset about premium going up 3 dollars a month but what about people who could make 1000 a month? they went from paying 1 dollar (after conversion fees from lindens to dollars) to then 10 dollars (max) to 25 dollars max to (per 1000) to now overnight 50 dollars????? that is INSANE. ebb indicated when he was talking about Sansar years ago predicting it's huge success, how they would give free land and make the money from the multi million dollar economy he expected to have. and
  11. i just meant, the increases started a few years ago going fomr $1. to $10. then from $10 to $25, then from $25 to $250, then from $250 to $500. are you saying you've increased your prices the entire time to reflect those changes?
  12. it was just increased a year ago as well from 25 dollars (per 10k) to 250 dollars. over the years it went from 1 dollar max to now NO max, and 500. per 10k (the most you can cash out which they state when you cash out so going by their numbers)
  13. you're going to double your prices? is that what you mean? just curious. if we did that, our customers would be really upset and would lose most. many are on fixed incomes and sl is already for discretionary income. can you clarify? thanks!
  14. I can't believe that the fee to cash out DOUBLED after it just went UP 10X (from 25.00 to 250) and before that it went up 10x (from 1 dollar to 10) i know that Ebbe said in a live event a few years ago when pitching Sansar that his model was to attract creators from around the world and make land free and make the money off the economy. I cringed when i heard that rationale as I really don't think he understands what is attractive about SL to users and creators. To charge creators from 1 dollar to 500 in a few short years is crazy. that would be like making Land charges go from 200/mon
  15. Would love to know how it can be justified to make huge increases to cash out, going from 1dollar a few years ago, to 10, then to a 25 max, then a percentage increase and no max so from 25 it’s now 250 Usd? If any any other business did that, they’d go out of business and what is frustrating for content creators is we have no way as your customers to speak to someone about these drastic increases, how it affects us, etc. If we raised our prices from 10L to 25 the following year to 250L we’d be out of business. Many creators have felt so discouraged about this and felt there is
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