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  1. Join the beautifully maintained home to Apple May Designs, Essenz, and Skinnery with your unique store! You may use the already set building or set up one of your own. The Basics: 8192 Sqm 2500 prims 1800L tier per week Teleport: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fruitatious/225/181/24 Please contact Apple May in world if you are interested
  2. Depending on how far into your project you are you could always separate the object (make your selection and hit "P"). If you have a lot of modifiers going on I wouldn't suggest it as when you join things again it can get messy. Other then that disconnecting the nods from the material node would be your best bet that I know of.
  3. Prior to updating to Blender 2.74 I would always use shape keys to create the different sizes of my rigged mesh and simply have that particular size active when exporting and it would upload as that size in SL. Since updating it doesn't matter what size I have active the mesh only uploads as the basis size leaving me to have to duplicate and delete the other sizes to export each size individually. It isn't a HUGE deal but it's mighty annoying when you have several components to a single export. Is there something I'm missing? Does anyone else have this issue out of the blue?
  4. Hi there, I'm looking to update a body product (body attachment) of mine and wanting something beyond your basic applier script, nothing too elaborate or confusing as I would like to keep it simple for both the users and fellow designers but perhaps a notecard that loads into the scripts and deletes itself (the NC) and a skin tinting option. If anyone is interested and would like to discuss it further along with prices, please feel free to contact me in world or at applemaysl@gmail.com
  5. -------EDIT-------- It came out perfect, thank you for your help! I had read to keep the render number lower for noise... which was obviously wrong. Giving that a try now. It's definitely MUCH slower.... snails pace infact... which I'm oddly happy about because I didn't notice a difference in the render time before so I feel (fingers crossed) that will work. I'll keep ya posted. Thanks!
  6. I've been trying to resolve an issue I'm having with youtube tutorials and multiple interenet searches to no prevail. Regardless of what nodes I use, clamp settings, etc... my render bake still has 'noise' through out the texture. Sure these things can be worked out in photoshop and I've always hand painted my lighting before, but I'd really like to solve the issue with in blender as it'll just continue to bug me and I'd really like to move into a new work flow. I tried adding a slew of nodes following a despeckle tutorial I had found on youtube but what worked for him doesn't make a difference (AT ALL) in my texture. The preview screen below shows exactly how my texture is baking. I'm sure it's something simple I may be missing... I'm a self taught blender user and I think being sleep deprived isn't helping. Any help is greatly appreciated (my brain will thank you)! Oh... don't mine my light source in the background :)
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