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  1. It just worked by itself .. i kept trying over and over ...
  2. Working again.. after almost two hours. LOL
  3. It's more than one hour since i try to upload a pic for a new listing. Tried jpg and png so far and i waited each time for more than a half hour. The pic won't appear in the listing.
  4. I think he wanted somekind of payback for banning him. I don't know. [2012/04/15 13:58:11] xxxxxx: ahahah [2012/04/15 14:00:33] Second Life: xxxxxx paid you L$40000. [2012/04/15 14:01:42] Second Life: xxxxxx paid you L$40000. [2012/04/15 14:02:29] Second Life: xxxxxx paid you L$40000. [2012/04/15 14:02:48] Second Life: xxxxxx paid you L$40000. [2012/04/15 14:02:52] Second Life: xxxxxx paid you L$40000. And i believe my account would be suspended now if i didn't report him.
  5. He sent me a total of 200.000L$. And 40.000 to my partner. We waited for him to finish all his money, reported him and then returned the entire amount.
  6. Yesterday the weirdest thing happened to me. My inworld group was spammed by a guy posting a phishing web site link which required to sign in with SL user and password. I ejected him from my group and banned him from my SIM. After that he transferred into my account 40000L$ which i supposed were stolen lindens from hacked accounts. I returned him the lindens but he kept sending me the same amount several times. He also sent the same amount of lindens to my partner. I filled an abuse report against him and contacted also live chat support. His name disappeared from search today. But i consider
  7. It is only my impression, or relevance didn't change for two weeks? In my store the items kept same relevance order since DD no matter what i sell. Before DD the most sold item used to migrate to the top.
  8. This is what she sent to me: Dear xxxxxxxxxxxxx Thank you for your recent purchase. Please find your purchase details below: Order number: 1291657551 Purchased using: L$ ************************* Item: *Milady's* -Happy Ending- Married Men's Necklace Quantity: 1 Price: L$200 Delivery Folder: Received Items Purchased as a Gift for: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Message: love uuu xoxoxoxox Item: [s.K.] Soken Kids Ao Quantity: 1 Price: L$1 Delivery Folder: Objects Total Payment: L$201 ************************* Thank you for using the Second Life Marketplace I also IM'd the recipient.. wai
  9. Weirdest thing that happened to me. Someone complained today that was charged for a product that she didn't order from my store. The product was gifted to another resident, i received the lindens, everything looks correct, only that the customer claims she didn't order it. She filled a ticket but LL can't help.
  10. Anyone noticed ... after the maintenance almost all my sales are showing as delivery partially failed. I asked a few friends and they have the same problem.
  11. I migrated all my stuff to DD also, but i don't have any payment issues .. at least not yet. You need to fill a ticket and get all this mess solved.
  12. After i received the complain i tested the item myself with the test delivery option. The folder wasn't empty for me. And the merchant outbox doesn't send empty folders to MP anyway.
  13. I already received a complain from one of my customers that she received an empty folder. I hoped that at least this issue will be solved with the new system.
  14. I have noticed that something is wrong with MP when i came online at about 5.30 AM on 14th february. At that time i already had about 3 pages of queued deliveries. And my last sale on MP was at 02/14/2012 00:58:54. This is turning into a witch hunt.
  15. They didn't rob merchants. Merchants have been paid. Yes, it's unfortunate that the incident happened in such a busy day, but they are trying to fix it. So let's not exaggerate. We all had our losses, but you can hardly call it robbery.
  16. I have been testing. So i bought a product from my friend. Lindens were taken from my account. I did receive the product about 5 hours later. In her transaction history my purchase is marked as being delivered and lindens didn't get to her account, even though i received the product about one hour ago.
  17. People won't stop buying stuff as there is no announcement about this issue, and they don't check forums before purchasing goods.
  18. All my sales are frozen aswell. Yes, it seems MP is down and no announcement from Commerce team at all. People will keep buying stuff and get angry with the merchants.. as always.
  19. I hope you don't think BDSM and bondage is for kids.
  20. Ai, in portugues you used these keywords for "Anuna skin demo": "<meta name="keywords" content="female skin, female, skin, shape, lady gaga, angelina, celebrities, celeb, details, realistic, cyber, neko, InVision, eyes, discounts, freebies, bonuses, pale, dark, vampire, goth, fashion, cheap, xxx"/>". I guess "XXX" is the wrong one. LE: The item is called in english "Special Eyes: Time by |IV| InVision" and in other languages "ANUNA skin DEMOS by |IV| InVision"
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