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  1. To be fair to the OP, I don't think he's complaining so much about why his account was suspended but why someone who pays can't use the LiveChat feature. The simple answer to the OP orginal problem is that there is a very clear and well explaned resolution to there problem. In this case, Live Chat would not be able to help anyway. Live Chat isn't like a direct line to LL as far as using it to dispute suspentions. It's for techncal support and questions they may have that would normaly have to be e-mailed to LL. Insteed of waiting days for a reply, they get it right away. So it's not that A Premium account holder can't use it, it's that in his case, he can't use it to resolve his current problem. I hope that helps with the problem. Go though what LL needs you to do to get verified and enjoy SL once again. Todd Ronwood (Who's half asleep as he types this)
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