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  1. I thought the problem had been cured, but after 2 or 3 days of trouble free TPing on both FS and Singularity first TP today I got booted. I had reinstalled both viewers before the trouble free period so I wonder if there is a cumulative cache issue or something causing it, my laptop had gone into overdrive trying to do the ultimately failed TP
  2. The problem with that solution in my experience is that most people on sl are not aware of this forum, and only the very technical are likely to go anywhere near the JIRA.
  3. narky (ˈnɑːkɪ) adj, narkier or narkiest slang irritable, complaining, or sarcastic
  4. Thanks for that I am getting both , random crashes when not TPing ,and TPs failing and then crashing with the TP blocked message. At one point cancelling the TP and trying again would work , but even that has stopped now. I am not sure I understand the bug report, does it mean only Firestorm and Singularity are affected, and the SL Viewer isnt? If so, much as I hate it, I might download because SL is unusable at the moment
  5. Perhaps instead of just being narky you could have explained what the issue is? I did do a search and found stuff and sim crossings and something under the sl viewer, neither would seem to have anything to do with crashing on tps or when not moving using other viewers.
  6. It has been happening to me too for a few weeks but getting worse. I have tried both firestorm and singularity and getting the same on both. I suspect my internet connection speed is no longer enough to cope with the extra server load of mesh and animesh.
  7. I like invisible mesh. You get to see lots of naked people who don't realise they are not wearing their expensive mesh clothing. Unless of course they have a mesh avi too in which they are risking me walking straight through them.
  8. If you never suffer from lag then clearly you are in a fortunate position but one which makes it impossible for you to judge the effect of lack of server restarts on those who do.
  9. A quick look through the deploy posts would have told you that there have been sometimes as much as 3 weeks between server reboots in the last few months
  10. I would just prefer LL acknowledged it and did regular weekly reboots
  11. LL still do not seem to have grasped the connection between server reboots, or lack of, and lag. Serious gaming PCs and superfast connections may overcome this but I doubt if that is what the majority of SL users possess.
  12. No deploys usuallyy means no restarts which equals huge lag which means as its already getting bad 8 or 9 days after the last restarts that its probably not worth attempting to go online until second week of january
  13. Is there any chance of a) this being translated into english and b) a progress report (preferably also in english) on server side baking?
  14. I thought they were all called Linden. Geek Linden, Nerd Linden, Useless Linden, Scaredofgirls Linden etc
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