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    As of 2 days ago dashboard is showing no one online & yet as of writing this at moment have 15 friends online. Is this an issue or bug with Second Life. Never had this till 2 days ago. I kn ow i did nothing or changed anything.
  2. Like I said it was more the view to see if was true.. i just saw someone post the notice in a group I was in.. Today.. it was what i was looking for too.. if was right or not.. nothing more.. as i said it was posted today.. sorry for any inconvienience .. was not intended.. shocked me too.. my apoligies..
  3. Saw this in a notice..... Linden Labs have recently made the decision to kill older unused accounts from the grid. The reason given for this is that the amount of unused accounts are lagging the inventory servers. If every avatar has just one alternate account, thats twice as much storage is unnecessarily being used. So from October 1 2011, Linden Labs will commence kulling any account that has not been signed into for 60 days.....So if you have alts you want to keep you need to log them in before 10/1/11.
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