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  1. She wears a ton of clothes from lots of other designers too, I own a lot of them for real and I just buy what I like. If you're a fan of her, she likes specific types of things like anyone else. It's pretty easy to recreate her more casual looks and a couple of her other event looks from Jan-March of this year.
  2. Still getting the teleport crashes as of this post. It was fine 4 days ago.
  3. No modern homes though, at least that I saw last week.
  4. You can just look at me profile in sl to know more. I like exploring, shopping and searching for unique homes... architecture and decorating interests me a lot.
  5. If you need a second person you can message me.
  6. I have the same problem with the username. I have way too much stuff to ever be happy on a new account again. It sucks, plus trying to avoid people that bother this old account and don't know the word no and the lindens never help. I pretty much avoid even logging in over it these days.
  7. Lots of games let you play any type of character (race, sex) so I don't see why anyone would have an issue with it in SL.
  8. a game where you do more work than a real job and people seem to enjoy that. so your real job becames your new fun hobby, the game replaces your job. overpriced cash shop too.
  9. I know this is an older post, but I think emoting is awkward too. I wish I could find friends in SL that just didn't do this all the time. I feel fake and it's just not who I am and the friends I have met in SL who do emote, seem to get angry that I don't like it, but I just don't. It seems like almost 90% of the people I meet who emote, when I tell them I don't because it's not me, they stop talking to me. It makes life lonely in SL
  10. I’ve been “playing” since teen grid SL, and I have had problems lately finding some nice people. I know all the places to go but I only find people with lists of demands and they get intensely aggressive if I don’t meet those demands, which I never will. I just want a friend with some similar even singular interest I have. Not the friend for a night type. Hey, if anyone is interested message me in that cold dark world.
  11. That place looks really familiar but I can't place it.
  12. Blake Sea and those shops that sell boats and sims all around it are pretty awesome. It's weird because I don't like the sea for real because of a childhood trauma but I love water in SL. It's really beautiful. A place that brought me sadness in real life has brought me some peace virtually.
  13. and once they move fast like that (see images in above post) and you tell them about it, they are deeply offended by it and the daily guilt trips begin!
  14. It's weird but I made a friend in SL over the weekend. We talked a lot and we had stuff in common. Then she just unfriended me for no reason. It's such a weird thing. I guess stuff like that happens but a part of me always wants to know why.
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