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  1. The http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/L$_Marketplace page is now useless, since it's been disabled and points to the official Lindex page. Is there a list of reliable L$ exchange websites somewhere ?
  2. Hi FJ Your said in the post "Group Chat System Will Launch Gridwide By March 31st" instead of last december, because of last minute licensing issues. But, err.. we're in april now, and the groupchats are still pinging and randomly throwing "error recipient" messages... I guess the "last minute licensing issues" have been solved, maybe some other trouble raised since then, but considering how painful the groupchat errors are, it would be nice to have some info and/or agenda... Thanks.
  3. Are you guys completely out of your mind ? This is a disaster for the SL community : so many great and useful places will just vanish... And the lab won't get a dime from it. I guess OpenSims and Inworldz will have all the benefits. Not mentionning how incredibly bad such a decision looks in terms of PR.
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