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  1. I'll be retired soon so you'd better get ready to see me back! Although I forgot almost all I knew! Hehehe!
  2. Hey hey hey, dear helpers! Raising from the dead, I just laid and egg for Easter but need your help to get a script working right to open/close the lid... The script provided with the mesh template makes the whole egg bend, not just just the upper lid (or maybe it's just me being dumb - one VERY probable possibility!) and the idea is to put a surprise item inside the egg. My goal is to create a gift for my friends and customers. Of course I'm willing to pay whoever could help me on this one. Here's a picture of the egg as it is (linked): Thanks a bunch and hugs to all of you! Missed you! <3
  3. Thank you, Chic. Unfortunately, all the links in your post send me to blank pages... I did install Firestorm and went to the folders in ~/Library/Application support (I'm on a Mac), hoping the .xml files would be in the user settings under the Windlight > Skies folder. I'm probably missing something very basic here, but the 3 folders (days, skies and water) are empty so I assume the .xml files must be hidden somewhere. I just have no idea where to look. Oh, btw, I already downloaded and installed long ago YOUR settings, which I really love!. Great job and thank you so much for sharing these wonderful settings.
  4. Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I visited this forum and wow, it has changed A LOT! Lol, feeling like a noob again! I was wondering if anyone could help me to find Mescaline Tammas's windlights "Sunglasses", parts I and II. These look awesome with shadows but download links on the creator's page are broken. I know some of them are part of Firestorm, but I'm using Alchemy, and I would LOVE to add the 2 whole sets to my settings. Suggestions, links, ideas, anybody? Many thanks in advance!
  5. OMG Charolottte! It's been so long! So nice to see you posting here! Lovely picture Hugs you girl :heart:
  6. Thanks for the link, Rolig. I assume LL is in a deep deep deep nap.... *shouts BOO to wake them up!*
  7. So nice to see you again Karen! Thank goodness, we share a lot of silly stuff on FB. I retired from being a helper here but still am a sucker for lolcats and lolpups! Hugs you sweetheart!
  8. Well, Maddy, you know.... honeymoon and all that jazz! Hugs you all up and thanks for your vote! (Dom did find deer ticks, btw! )
  9. missed you too so much! hugs you all up Rolig, omg it's been a long time....... <3
  10. Hi helpers! Long time no see! Now, according to LL contest Leap into Love contest, winners were to be announced (and advised) by March 15th 5:00 PM at the latest... Is it just me or results have not be posted so far? Will they ever be? :smileytongue: I do know LL does not read or answer here, but just wondered if any of you wise guys heard of something! :) Thank you and hugs to all! :)
  11. Good morning and happy Monday, Hippie and all of you! Autumn is coming fast this year. Very chilly mornings. Time to put on those wool sweaters again. This Australian sheep has more than he needs! Hugs to all! 
  12. Morning Hippie, Maddy, Par, Jo, Cinn and all! Yup, Monday is back and so are people from vacation. Paris is crowded and traffic sucks, as usual. I think I'll do some street cleaning today. Hugs and love to all!
  13. Good morning Hippie and all! Yep, time for a HUGE Friday hug! Who wants to hug this tiny puppy? Love ya!!!
  14. Ask Kim Kardashian. Or Jennifer Lopez. They will know.
  15. Hippie Bowman wrote: Good morning all! Good News! Kylie Jaxxon is back. It was a close call for her but she is back! Peace! Wow! This is great news indeed! Thanks for keeping us tuned, Hippie! I am so pleased to hear this: it makes my day! Love ya my friend!
  16. Good morning Hippie! How are you doing today? Are you dry yet? *hugs and love*
  17. I don't know where you can buy an ark, Hippie, but hang on there! Someone should be comming soon at your rescue! Love ya!
  18. Morning Hippie and all! Yay, thanks, the weekend was great! Lovely weather, plenty of sun and the water was just at the right temperature! Surf is cool! Hugs you all!
  19. Madelaine McMasters wrote: TGITDBDBDBDBM WFTOMGLMAOROFLLOL!... As if writing proper English was not hard enough for me, pffft! HTHKLTAOYG!!! (HappyThursdayHugsKissesAndLoveToAllOfYouGuys)
  20. Good morning Hippie, Maddy, Cinn, Jo and all! How is the flood, Hippie? Did you get all the animals safe? Don't do the mistake that guy makes in this commercial! Love ya!!!
  21. I'd never be so mischievous as to suggest the cow was you, Maddy! You're the dolphin of course!!! But here's your milkshake anyway. Enjoy!
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