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  1. I am pretty sure I used to know you. You used to come to Everland to play Boogie didnt you? I am almost sure that is you. I am happy to play a few games or explore with you, or even just talk about the good old days. However, I cant log back in till I am back home in May (the connection and the computer where I am now would just keep crashing), but if you want to play again before that, Maggie is still around. Sofia, I can ask to come online (or just send her an IM) and Meta sometimes logs in to play a few games by himself. I can respond to offlines, so feel free to send me one And welcome back! Edit: typo
  2. So you will let them waste time and troubleshoot and try to find the error before you reply to them that it was a mistake? If I was a vendor that had sent (or had someone have claimed i had sent) an empty folder, I would checked the scripts (if any), logged on an alt to check, make 5-10 friends buy it and refund them, both for the time and the money spent - to check where it could have gone wrong. I would have spent a few thousand lindens and a few hours before I even responded to make sure the error wasnt on my side. And I would have done so before responding to you (but of course respond within a day or two). I know many merchants are as scared to make mistakes as I am, and if done, desperate to fix them and find the error. I think the nice thing to do was to actually IM them and let them know it was a displayerror on your part and that you got the items. Or you could be wasting hours of their time because you dont know how to seach or clear cache. All for 9L. Thats just kind of rude.
  3. It has always been around 7 days to cash out, so nothing has changed there. I am thinking the reason you got it next day after they cleard you was because it was already queued while checked. Now that your are cleared ok, you are back to normal proceedures, so back to waiting.
  4. Thank you, never saw thatone! Speaking of Robbie Dingo - thisone never stops to amaze me ...
  5. Get the URL from the Dj next time it happens and try to stream trough your browser. If it still skips it has to be on your end, if it doesnt, try a different viewer maybe?
  6. Ah ok. Thanks! I always thought that meant locked. Now I just feel stupid
  7. I just started a tread in the land forum about "general discussion" being a little confusing. And when I posted it was locked. I did link to a Jira. But will links get your tread banned? Can a mod open it again for comments? If it was the link thing that closed it, loose the spaces in this link https :// jira .secondlife / browse / WEB-4745 Its an itsy bitsy thing that annoys me on a daily basis.
  8. I like looking at the land category. And i like looking at the general discussions. But I also like it when they are seperated. And I am not too fond of newbies made fun of for posting in the wrong subforum. Its an easy mistake when its called the same. So please vote to add a word; General Land Discsussion (or something simiilar). https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-4745
  9. I am pretty sure the original poster means CHARGE. I am also pretty sure the original posters first language isn't English. So thank you to those that read the intent and not the error. But I am dead sure the original poster needs to read up a a bit or be in SL a bit before he launches a business. You need to know what a prim is before you rent out. You need to get a feel of the community before you hire someone. You need to go to at least one event before you host one. (My comments only refer to your previous posts, I think its super that you are eager, but you should learn the alphabeth before you write a novel maybe?)
  10. Wow passive aggessive much? She tried to help you. I would never say wow if you didnt. I would have offered you advice, but now if I did you would probably call me names too, so I pass.
  11. I just puzzled that you ask this. Does it matter? Do you make assumptions that two avatars of different genders doing something together are also lovers? Or could one of them be gay and they might friends? Two avatars of the same gender could be strangers that just met, they could be friends, they could be lovers, or it could be random (both clicked sit), same goes for avatars of different genders. And either way I cant really see why it would matter to you, unless you want to hit on one of them, but then a general answer wouldnt do anyway.
  12. What Phil says is correct, however I would like to add (this may not apply to you): if you pay LL for anything (tier or membership), normally your card will be used to cover what you owe. If you sell lindens though, it will go from your accounts US balance before they charge your card. With all the fees etc there is from Paypal, it could pay of to leave some US balance on your account to cover future bills rather than cashing out.
  13. Maybe you could try to box up your inventory to empty it out, then put one box back at a time to see if you found the problem? If you need a place to do this, IM me and i will let you rezz a few hundred boxes temporarily.
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