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  1. Overly exaggerated sized *****es that are in states of perpetual erection and showing through clothing 😂
  2. So Deetalez are slowly updating their skins, I just updated one and was sad to find I had to buy the whole package again for the BOM head "tattoos", unless I missed something there. Also got the updated body skins which are for baked on mesh too, again, just under L$300. I do love the skins there though so ....
  3. Hi there, just a lurker but couldn't resist showing off my "part" bom! So I wear the Maitreya body which I have left fully mesh but couldn't wait for all the possibilities with having my head go bom! Genus head, and tattoo layers including this No_Match hair-base which actually for some reason with BOM, I find they look alot more natural than when we apply on the fully mesh/non BOM! Anyway, cheers and thanks for looking 😀
  4. https://media.giphy.com/media/FmFY05ZjV60hy/giphy.gif
  5. Ohh thankyou both for your very good replies..this is a real help as I see some mistakes already that could be causing the problem. Thankyou
  6. Would love to know how you corrected as I am so having this same problem..especially the neck seam ?
  7. A little lonely..after a long break, upon returning to find everyone she knew has left ?
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