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  1. They also have disabled withdrawals TO Secondlife... I know because I just tried. Which in turn, makes the SLL worth less more even now because I can't spend those SLL... While also, making LL not get thier transaction fee from that merchant should they now use LindeX because that withdrawal is currently blocked.
  2. It seems that with the change of the TOS, recently; LL's next move may be to restrict access to paying subscribers... We all have our own reasons NOT to use LindeX and now having it the only means to convert USD to SLL and vise-vesa; a lot of "residents" may leave. I, for one; am canceling my subscription not because of this recent change but because I see no benefit of having it anymore. Though, this recent change does now equate into whether I do so the coming weeks or the week before its does renew.
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