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  1. they dont care about harvesting, at least not for now, theyre moving from planet system to planet system and takingthe two most fertile beings with them so that they can creat some kind of "superbeing" that they can eat from more than once

  2. The Nouva Acadamy was founded in the late 90's by professor William H Nouva, who first noted suspicious Activity on the surface of the planet Uranus. He died before he could see his academy opened, but his family and co-workers made sure the threat would be met with prepared force.

    The aliens in question come from the boiling core of Uranus. And protect themselves by slaughtering a human and wearing its skin as a shield from the sun. they cannot survive long during the day without their human skin, but at night they can shed it and proceed with their plans to eradicate the human race from existence. they can freeze human blood in the body upon touch while simultaneously boiling the skin from their bone.

    There is no way to tell who is a human and who is a Pyranhai when they're occupying a human skin. this makes them more dangerous when theyre in disguise because hey could be your family, friends, children, or even parents. no one is safe or to be trusted except for the crew of the Starfleet Nouva.


    rp is group based while getting an interested group in solidified, but could become sim based in future if there's enough interest

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