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  1. HAHAHA Great point... pretty soon we won't have to be in SL to be IN SL. Its all going to be web based or we'll be playing from a damn App in Facebook! They have to be getting their idea from Facebook. Just recently, FB'ers are frantically reshare and posting a new "Recent Post" feature, that they just laid out on everyone, and didn't say anything. FB AT IT AGAIN.... Wondering why you're only seeing status updates from the same people? Facebook has changed its News Feed so that by default u can only see updates from people u have recently interacted with! To change this click "most
  2. Flickr's an option now too. I'm hoping we'll see more soon. I'd really like to link up my YouTube account. Aww.. thanks.. just added.
  3. It is hard to believe that even basic Human Computer Interaction principles were considered in implementing this, and I find it incredulous that having had similar feedback from the Beta viewer this change was pushed live in its present state. I'm beginning to agree. They didn't intergrate this well on the dashboard yet. And they didn't changes our resident profiles in search. http://world.secondlife.com/resident/b6d530b2-d5d4-46e2-9443-3b7f738aab05 So what is the point of having our search profiles with links that say "View Full Profile in SL" while you made the profiles web-based. Ro
  4. @Beauty, your argument is based on your reality. People with avatars create facebook profiles for them. Twitter profiles, etc. You can't automatically assume that web profiles are to used to mesh up RL/SL. You don't have to go that route if you don't want to, and many people have not. Actually, I'm waiting for more profile links, esp photo sharing sites like Flickr, Picasso, etc.. That actually makes sense than LinkedIn. Why they chose LinkedIn over Flickr is a little.. um...
  5. Jonna.. sometimes the AppData files are wiped. It's always good to copy and compress the logs before installing new viewers if you need to keep up with chat logs.
  6. hahahaha.. Bows to Maxine. Another reason why I'll still with Kirsten viewer for my 2.0 Secondlife for now.
  7. So... Um... what you just blogged was, "This update did most of the changes Kirsten Viewer did months ago." Or did I miss something??
  8. Perhaps the abuse was just too widespread and too difficult to control. It may be hard for "good non-profits" to get their heads around this, but there's a dirty little secret: not all non-profits had clean hands in all their SL dealings. ("You're paying full price for your sim? Are you crazy? Let me show you how to save a fortune!") Perhaps it was bad enough to jeopardize whatever advantages LL was getting from the discounts. But this is all speculation. It would be nice if LL could clarify the reasons behind the change. Qie, I totally agree with you, and yes, it's all speculat
  9. Wow.. guess I will have to re-write my project plan proposal for the 3rd time. Sheeeesh.
  10. Same here.. I didn't understand the point.. I can see it now.. "Facebook Connect", Twitter, Diggs, Buzz, etc. buttons, all over our profiles.. Muwawawahahahaha
  11. Sorry Prok... I don't think there will be much flashmobbing just to counter an ego. I've been following this on email, and scratching my head about "no one uses mini-map" comment. I always look at the mini-map first, just to see where everyone is at from a landing point. Then I may use radar to get to where I need to go, or IM someone. I think mini-map should be enabled on startup. Esp for noobs, because it draws attention to map functions in general. I think Jopsy's abandonment assessment is very accurate. So not having the mini-map open during startup would increase early abandonment.
  12. You guys really need to give the client installation more thought, and starting treating it mostly like an OS install. You have "recommended" install, based on the user's system hardware, plus "advanced/custom" install for everyone else. Then approved TPV's can also be in the install like Web PI 2.0. Let's work on breaking down options, putting SL & TPV in one platform installation, and let us do what we do best.
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