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  1. From another designers perspective, In terms of the logo itself it's fine, but it could have been better executed. I would have liked to see a logo that flowed more cohesively and perhaps even an updated version of the icon (retaining the concept, but reinventing it in a modern way.) As for the word mark, there isn't really anything special about it and while it is a lot cleaner and more legible I don't know if it truly screams "Second Life" to me. I do personally prefer the change from green to blue, yet the reasoning seemed a bit forced. Overall the logo isn't anything special, and tha
  2. Both the old Linden Homes, and the new ones have a sim capacity of 22500 LI, however the difference being the old ones are based on a 512 sqm parcel whilst the new ones are based on 1024 sqm parcels. Not to mention that these new sims are also being hand made by the Moles and as such take time to be built up, tested by the QA team, and then eventually copied and deployed for use.
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