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  1. Would rather see LL actually take a stand over copybot viewers, scamming alts and trouble makers instantly able to grab a new account and grief you than to be playing politics over this product and similar....
  2. Thanks Brooke, very cool :smileyvery-happy:
  3. Would love the Lindens to clarify if full perms means you can re-sell.... (ie, texture creators, animation makers etc needing their own licenses and will LL enforce those?) there's many a argument conversation in the merchant's groups about that kind of thing.... Permissions wise, I tend to make furniture no copy/trans and clothing copy/no trans. Would love a 'transfer once' option so everybody could gift. And maybe some kind of new permission for selling full perms work to creators...
  4. Cool, glad to see there's a unified search...Really missed that when the site was changed over!
  5. Hi Brooke Thanks for the new guidelines, easier to understand than the previous ones... Before you allow flagging from users can merchants have some better search options in their area? Some of us have a LOT of items to wade through and re-classify.... Cheers!
  6. Yep needs to be news this is a big change for merchants... Will items already marked as adult be switched to adult automatically with this new change or will we have to mark all of them again? Thanks for posting the office hours
  7. Jack some of your land policies drove me nuts, your avoidance of answering questions at office hour directly drove me even crazier! But well, it was certainly a talent! lol There's no Linden quite as brave or as crafty as you when it comes to tackling full sims of angry, confused customers!! Thank you for running those office hours as long as you did, it must have been very awkward at times... Thanks also for being one of very few Lindens who have promoted Zindra after the adult change, I'm a merchant who certainly benefitted from the few projects you ran after finding some of my properties hidden away over there. Thanks also for being a Linden who would actively engage in-world and respond to customers. Best of luck in your future projects!
  8. Hi Brooke...oooh fresh meat! ;-) Well done team! Noticed that object option and a good few other cool and useful tweaks appearing on the site over the past few weeks. Hope you keep at it. Presumably if we have migration switched off on the old Xstreet our items won't be migrated again at all, right? Thank you
  9. Soooooo all those people who rent out land will need to tick a new box on viewer 2 so their tennants can post events? Pretty major change there.... Disappointed you've still ignored the need to protect usernames.
  10. Good to see improvements AND Linden communication *thumbs up*
  11. The self service sounds brilliant as I'm sure you're aware many many support issues are the same requests over and over again. Glad you're putting some focus again onto the Concierge support it's been sorely lacking over the past few months and residents have really noticed. I've certainly felt less inclined to invest more into Secondlife when I know support can't seem to handle some of my most basic needs in a quick and efficient way. Improvements there will be wonderful. Additionally from the 'help' link on the pull down menu on this website - please add a 'live chat' link...There's quite a bit of clicking to be done for a concierge user to even find live chat let alone use it! (and i won't get started on the OnTyne live 'support' eeeek!) Similarly I see a lot of people asking for the support line phone number...Make this clear for residents across the globe which number they need to call to solve their problems. Extra support following sim purchases could also help a lot, many sim purchasers (often first time) get an email saying where they can find their sim and a pointer to the wiki. Some of the most basic questions (set up sim to prevent griefing/terraform basics/setting lands to group/setting up sims for rentals/how to join concierge group etc..) should be quick clickable links on the 'reciept' email for the first time sim purchaser to get them started...Fast, easy , fun. For the bigger users - sims change hands a lot, although there is a process for it, it's often in the hands of residents alone, perhaps consider some kind of more automated system where payments/transfer dates are all easily found on the website for both parties in purchase. Transparency on bulk purchases would also be nice, if i can buy 10, 50, 100 sims at a discount show me how, don't cut one landowner a special deal and another landowner a different deal for the same items...It creates tension. For the marketplace, standard support lines should be set up for non-deliveries in particular. It's a nightmare for you guys to be getting paypal chargebacks, it's a nightmare for merchants to be getting angry customers demanding refunds when they haven't been given the money to refund, consumer confidence goes down when things go wrong and there's no clear support available. You preach 'best practices' to merchants yet don't follow them yourselves. Rolling out finished projects instead of throwing your residents into a half-finished deep end would also be helpful, less support would be needed (eg, when you released v2.0 the first time, there wasnt even an easy to find support group for residents! There were many issues with that initial release which should have been stamped out at beta). You wouldn't expect an enterprise user to jump in on half-finished software or projects so why do you expect your other paying residents to do so? That said, some residents are more than happy to get involved with your beta projects and certainly enjoy helping you develpp the platform. Often these beta testing sessions are very secretive under NDA, limited feedback has been taken and acted upon during the process. More would be involved if they firstly knew these projects existed... Residents who've gone out of their way to help during beta stages sometimes feel trampled on as the floodgates open for 'full release' and those same issues they mentioned at beta stage are brought up by angry residents time and time again...I realise you're getting better in this process and it's been great to see the opening of the Jira but there's still definitely a lot of work to do. There should be a list of Lindens for each department a resident can contact. This contact doesn't have to be in-world it could be some kind of form to fill in/jira page/email address etc... If i want to tell you about press how do i get in touch? If i want a big land deal which linden do i need to get info from? If I want to bring my university or business into SL, which linden support staff can guide me? Are the private grids still available and how can i get them? I have a question about mesh or scripting are there team members i can approach? etc...You get the idea. Residents fumble around a lot in confusion which eventually results in a support ticket being filed, passed from person to person and opportunities on both sides get missed as a result. Another example, in many office hours residents are told to ask the legal team because Lindens presenting the office hour don't know the answer. How do residents do this? What support guarantees can they be expecting from the legal team? Where's the legal team phone number? Anyways, I'm glad you're looking into support - I hope some swift actions and improvements follow. The recent changes to the support software, the case system, has made it much easier for me to use (though sometimes frustrating if something is 'closed' whilst unfinished), so I did welcome that improvement in particular. Looking forward to seeing more changes in the works! It's a move which would definitely imrpove my confidence in your services.
  12. What a shame that the non-profit and educational spots on SL are given such a blow when focus and attention was going to be brought in on the excitment of virtual worlds and SL education with big linguists like Chomsky coming to the grid for speeches...Drawing more educators in, encouraging other big thinkers and professors to explore Secondlife as a resource. Still, I'm sure this change in policy will give him something to talk about.. I've noticed less and less educational sims on the grid in my own browsing for places to learn, I put this down to fees already being difficult to manage for the institutions and tricky to justify when there's such a high learning scale and graphics capability for students/student PCs to get involved. It will be sad to see many more SL educational institutions downscaling or leaving the grid. Aside from the hike in prices for the non-profit sims (coupled with the major downsizing of support) will LL be doing anything to try and maintain these non-profit users or give them a boost? Further advertising perhaps? Nice to see that for other private sim owners prices will not be raising, if prices had raised that certainly would have been a knockout blow to many residents. Whilst we're on the subject of land and prices, when is the blog about the highly secretive ATLAS PROGRAM becoming available? Residents have been waiting for months now to see this promised-in-office-hours 'transparency' in action...
  13. Avatars United was a great idea and could have been integrated well into Secondlife. Instead it was ran as a totally separate biz and left to rot after the first two weeks of shiny buzz wooohooo... With such massive communities on Facebook/Plurk/Twitter/Flickr/Blogger it's obvious that Secondlife users do want a social network with fun features to talk amongst other residents, you guys just haven't found a good way to do it yet... When social networking features are installed into the in-world profiles, will people be able to search for Secondlife avatars via email address? If so can we all get good warning first. I would rather see a business 'picks' tab on my profile than a Facebook connect button to be honest... The majority of SLers fill their profile with friends and family, links to places they love, their in-world businesses etc.. Options for those features should come before Facebook and Twitter links surely?
  14. Hi Kim and welcome, best of luck beginning your journey with the Lab! A few questions for you - will you be holding any office hours so residents can see (and potentially help with) any marketing strategies you will be engaging in? Secondly - now you're on board will the Lab still be paying for advertising on warez and bit torrent sites such as 'the pirate bay' ? It doesn't seem a great place to pull new faces into SL to me.. Finally, before you begin advertising to the masses outside of the Secondlife platform, be sure to take a look inside and at how customer service can be improved from it's current status. I for one used to be a person who would tell all my friends about SL and how they could join up, buy sims and make the most of SL - now I wouldn't feel so safe to do that...I think that's the same for many residents but I'm sure it could be fixed with a few changes here and there.. Looking forward to seeing you work your magic!
  15. Yeah you can blame them, it's broken in IE, Firefox it works fine
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