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  1. To further complicate matters is a proposal to change the UK's time zone to a European one. Moving the UK clocks two hours further ahead, permanently. Wasn't the whole idea of time zones predicated upon GMT, as in the main, centralized line determining all the time zones in the world runs though Greenwich, England? What would permanently moving England's clocks two hours forward do to the rest of the world? I smell global meltdown! And people thought Y2K was confusing!
  2. Peggy Paperdoll wrote: We got "Display Names" as a compromise which is a simple UUID pointing thing that can pretty easily be done immediately without any manpower involved. That's exactly the point I was trying to make. A simple "UUID pointing thing" is how it should have been done in the first place. For example, if I create a group called Rock's Landholdings and it buys a plot of land, the land should not show up in the database as the property of Rock's Landholdings. It should belong to the group's UUID. So when the client comes to that property, and the asset servers need to di
  3. There used to be grid-wide announcements, both in-world and at login, of issues that will seriously impact your time in-world. Grid status page says not to rez no-copy items, or make financial transactions? That would be communicated in-world as well though a wonderful blue pop-up message, as well as posted very clearly on the initial login screen. Those messages were eliminated years ago. Why? It doesn't speak well of a company's confidence in their product if they expect their users to rely on web browsers and Twitter feeds in order to have access to the information that they need to see i
  4. LL themselves probably cannot provide security against this. But there is a very simple way not to visit phony URL's. Don't click them. It's Internet Security 101. If you're sent a link to a supposedly "official" site, such as your bank, Linden Lab, Paypal, eBay, Amazon.com, iTunes, etc., don't click on it. Open your browser and either type the known correct address manually, or use your existing shortcut. Using SL doesn't preclude this very basic precaution. Maybe ISP's need to include this information in their welcome packet to their customers when they sign up, and send it out to all thei
  5. It *should* be a simple matter to change the group's name in the database. Other references to it such as land, people's profiles, etc., should merely point to the database entry by UUID. I don't think they've set it up in such a relational manner, though. I think they've forced the group's name to be included in any database entries that refer to it, such as land settings showing that it belongs to that group. That's the only rational explanation I can personally come up with as to why you can't change the name. Disclaimer here, I am not a Linden, and I have never seen the behind-the-scenes
  6. As a long-time SL DJ, I have to disagree. The best parties are the parties where people actually hold conversations. You do remember conversations right? I say something on my mind and other people respond to it. This is not possible with gestures. It's also a major block to conversation when you are in a club and you run into this (note that the names have been made up, to protect the guilty): Jimmy Resident: ~~~~~~~~******** HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! **********~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jerry Garcia throws his head back and HOWWWWWWWWWWWLZ RockAndRoll Michigan: Hello, h
  7. Somebody briefly touched on Ruth's origins already, but there is one other fact they didn't mention (unless it was in the video, I admit I didn't watch it) Ruth was a model for Daz 3D that LL had purchased, and used as the first avatar. The model name actually was Ruth, so they just kept the name for the avatar. I've heard that Linden World was also initially black-and-white only, color wasn't added until later. When color was implemented there still wasn't an option for streaming audio either, it was a very silent grid. I'm not sure when they added that but it was there in June of 2006 when
  8. This thread seems to have gone off the rails here and stopped being about how a U.S. default will impact our second lives. However, since it has gone that way, these are some of my thoughts regarding the situation: First off, we need to look to ourselves and our own borrowing habits, whether we are U.S. citizens or not. I see way too much of this behavior going way wrong here in the U.S. and I doubt this is the only country where this is happening. We're constant bombarded with all the things we "can have" if we just use this credit card to buy it. Well, sure, we can have them, but at what co
  9. FJ, I feel cautiously optimistic about many of the changes addressed in this blog entry. It does sound like a positive step to fix things that have been broken for years. Kudos to the team on that fact, it's very encouraging. I would like to ask a direct question, though. You stated that the group increase to 40 will be rolled back to 25 if it causes too much lag. Has this been stress-tested very much? If it hasn't, people need to be cautioned not to count on those extra 15 groups sticking around, as this whole thing is the stress-test. I'm also concerned about the ability to stress-test thi
  10. Now, you ask how this will benefit someone who uses "Blue Mars". Whatever makes you think Linden cares in the least about Blue Mars? It isn't a Linden product, so it isn't worth consideration unless it's a threat. You're right, Blue Mars is not a Linden Lab product. Neither is World of Warcraft. Or InWorldz. Or any of the other sites whose members Avatars United was created to embrace and serve. But, there is something every last one of the users of these other non-Linden Lab products, who also have accounts with Avatars United, have in common: Every last one of them is already one of Lind
  11. I have a question, Jack. Avatars United was intended to be a site embracing ALL virtual worlds. It is not specific to Second Life, nor was it ever intended to be. Whether you use Second Life, Blue Mars, Inworldz, World of Warcraft even, or any other online virtual community, Avatars United was supposed to be for you. Now you're shutting down Avatars United and incorporating "some" of its technology into the Second Life platform? How is this supposed to benefit somebody who uses, say, Blue Mars? I think you at Linden Lab have completely missed the point on this one. Bad decision.
  12. I'm afraid it's really no big secret how somebody without ban authority can do this. First off, because the land is group-owned, only the GROUP has the authority to run scripts which modify any of the parcel settings on the land. This is an extremely important distinction. So if I am a member of your group, and I have been given the ability to rez items on the group's land and then deed them to the group, I can deed anything I want to the group, and it will become the group's property. This also means that any scripts that are in it can change things about the settings on the group's land. A
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