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  1. Ty so much. To be honest I'm not sure If I would have ever found this lol
  2. Forgive me for asking ... Iv'e been up and down the functions page and can't seem to find the function i'm seeking. It doesn't appear to be any of the URL functions or buried in HTTP functions. Just as in a clickable URL on a website, I'm trying to output some links in llOwnerSay but mask them with other text. IE: "Click Here" ect Is there a function for this? For the life of me I just can't find it lol
  3. Thanks Steph, Things have been edited and appear to be working normally. Still debugging some things over time.
  4. It is Indeed a Updater that handles remotely loading animations and/or notecards to a child prim instead of the Root. All test items were full perm, owned by me and transferred to me. Other variations include different inventory types that the Product uses. Sort of a hands free experience to prevent unneeded accessing of the child prims. Wulfie helped get some logic corrected ... After some additional testing and scripting I'm going to admit that alot of the issue was "KISS". Keep It Simple Stupid ... Basically I was failing to close an argument properly and once it got to sending the inv
  5. My best guess ... Yes. Can possibly script around it via filters but that's a whole different ball game and may change designs a bit. Iv'e thought of state changes to avoid it but were passing a linked prims UUID in a listen event and I believe that wont be retained.
  6. Works with no errors if the inventory type is present in its contents. If say on the above example no animations are present in the contents it will pop the error in the script error window but the script will continue.
  7. Did that as well. Only passes the error when the inventory type is not found. Ie: If both NC's and Animations are in the prims contents then it remotely transfers them and no error registered. If Only animations are present and no notecard then when it reaches the llgiveinventorylist section for notecards the error registers at that point and vice versa for Notecards and no animations. My Guess it's a hard coded error that triggers because of the missing inventory type but does not stop the script. May not be able to script around it to avoid the error but am certainly curi
  8. "Unable to give inventory list: No items passed filter" I'm guessing because no items were in the contents, this is the general debug or script error. It does continue however and does not stall the script. Somehow I need to be able to prepare for the inevitable fact that the system may be used to only remote load some animations or notecards and not both as designed. If things are backwards they came as such off of a wiki unfortunately. Normally, I'll pull the wiki, learn the functions ... re-write and modify as needed or develop upon them as needed. It's a great source of informati
  9. May be wishful thinking here ... But does anyone have any idea or advice on how to bypass the debug error that is sent when no inventory of the matching flag is found. Function is used in a larger script to remotely transfer animations to a link in a linkset then transfer notecards in a seperate but similar function. My initial drafting failed upon any missing inventory ie: no notecards or no animations. This version does not stall and keeps on trucking to the next function. However, if that debug message is around to stay ... I may have to rethink the entire design as having errors prese
  10. Try Something like this where X, Y and Z are the coordinates you input and Region Name is the Sim Name. Only Replace REGIONNAME , XXX , YYY and ZZZ. Leave all other Characters in place llOwnerSay("Your Link Is: http://slurl.com/secondlife/"+REGIONNAME+"/"+XXX+"/"+YYY+"/"+ZZZ+"/"); If needed, To be honest unsure .. add < and > to the X,Y and Z If there are still any issues, Message me in game this evening or send me a notecard and I will pass you some code to try.
  11. Cap'n ... She's a Transferring! Thanks again for your direction. Building upon your guidance I've scripted in a toggle on the HUD itself which passes the Current UUID of Link 1 ( Root) to the Update Object which can then be used with RemoteLoadScriptPin. Once in the Root a newly transferred script passes them on to other prims as needed, cleans up the root of copies when done and self deletes. Cleaned her up by encrypting the Channel and Filtering quite heavily. Once the transfer begins the Listen is closed and all is well in paradise! Thanks Again Rolig!
  12. Roger that, using the root was the next path that way I don't have to pass so much data back and forth. Will be a bit more scripting on one end vs the other but will do just fine. Thanks for the guidance.
  13. Just a quick question for ya'll out there. I'm fairly new to the above function but progressing as far as scripting a product updater goes. Iv'e been able to achieve success with Remotely loading scripts to each child prim in a seperate 6 Prim link using a seperate control prim. However, Iv'e only been able to do so when using the UUID of each prim as the key. The question is ... Is using the UUID of each prim the only way to update/send scripts to a seperate unlinked linkset? Being that the UUID's change on upon rez, If this is the case what would your suggestion be to obtain t
  14. Ty fr clarifying and showing an example of the functions laid out. I see my mistake , I see it clearly after some coffee and a lil rest. Unfortunetly rather than take the if statement line path , I was attempting to double up on the filtering and merge them for who knows what reason. I'm going to note this in my log and implement it as it's already giving me an idea to better layout the entire list altogether
  15. I'll be honest ... Im sitting here literally able to remove the name of one or the other .. even when i try to do a deletesublist of using the notecard name as well and try to merge them im coming up empty handed. Without too much work on your part ... would you be able to give me an example of how you would remove the notecard name from the list as well ... Im just eating my tail here I think ... This is to say ... new territory for me. Im literally making novice mistakes here that I shouldnt be
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