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  1. "Bondage" is also not allowed, but i guess LL's employees didn't personally put their office's wallpaper in place or they would know how retarded it is to ban this word.
  2. maid,uniform,domestic,servant,hotel What exactly is not pg in this? I'm not sure but i think it's because i mention the word "cuffs" in the description which is retarded.
  3. The rating listing doesn't work properly stop tieing it to keywords LL are you stupid or something? this is an example of one of my products which is force flagged as mature. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/KDC-Classic-Housekeeping-uniform-black/1632631
  4. The bottom line appears to be that LL sees a LOT of funds in many of the SL creators accounts and isn't really happy to think that, at some point, those creators will want to cash those funds out. Which means LL having to write them a check of very real money.
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