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  1. You are completely missing my point, the reason why it's not all in 4K has more to do with engine stability and the target computer the game was made for. I keep saying that LL need to step in an decide "this is the performances target for this year and deviating from that target will have you penalized." but they never will judging from the way they bend over backward when high profile creators break the platform.
  2. It doesn't work. Even skyrim modders (who should know what they are doing given how much of a pain it is) are usually completely clueless as to why all the textures aren't in 4K and why details aren't fully modeled all the time.
  3. Your sim owner doesn't need to fiddle with groups, they can just sell you a chunk of their land and retrieve it at any time. That's one of the perks of owning a region.
  4. You can have 65 active listeners per script right?
  5. It's okay to admit that mistakes were made in increasing it instead of locking it down to 1.25. But why not fix the mistake now and set a good example? So essentially do "nothing"? At some point we have to stop assuming that creators are just misguided, if they've been doing business for any length of time they know exactly that what they are doing is wrong, they simply won't care unless it kicks them in the wallet.
  6. I used not to, but I came to the conclusion that it isn't up to me to subsidize the Marketplace, (or the Lindex). If they adjust their fees, I will adjust my prices accordingly.
  7. We're gonna end up with games being priced so that their 50% discount is actually the real retail price.
  8. I keep making BoM masks for my avatar just so I can save them into outfit and don't have to use my body HUD.
  9. Bom is really just the system clothing system extended to mesh. It baffles me how little time it takes for the SL user community to collectively forget what was considered to be the very basics
  10. Well it is a purely commercial move.
  11. Well this is quite the flex. I suspect they were told to never, ever do this again
  12. No LOD provided to the customer is also a problem (It is more than likely that they don't know any better, which is unfortunate). They will most likely just use the auto lod generation and end up with something like this:
  13. Looks like a topic for the beta group talk then.
  14. Is there a reason why this hasn't being reverted? It seem hardly a necessity anymore.
  15. This is way too dense for realtime rendering, given how small the object will be in SL. (as mentioned on reddit before you deleted the thread)
  16. Sometimes you just get more than you asked for.
  17. Now how do we convince LL (but more importantly, Firestorm) to ditch the lod generator?
  18. It keeps getting better. Don't take this the wrong way but, how much is an hour of your time worth to you?
  19. Kyrah Abattoir


    3D painting is great.
  20. I do by educating their customers to expect more value for what they pay and how much more they get from having mod rights. It adds so much yet cost so little to creators that it if it isn't due to ignorance, one has to conclude that it must be a mixture of arrogance, greed, paranoia and contempt. And who in their right mind would willingly endorse creators like that?
  21. I love how it's 2021 and Linden Lab still hasn't come to term with the fact that they need to stop trusting content creators to use their tools responsibly.
  22. I do like the idea of the uploader essentially "telling" you what your lod tricount should be. That's how custom models used to work on there.com, you had to match a target. In a way it would ensure a minimum quality standard. A creator COULD still create garbage, but at that point it would start to look like intentional sabotage. And while this might be a bit gatekeepy I do agree that there is no benefit in having lod generation built-in if it produce bad results.
  23. Due to the lack of optimization done by the LSL compiler, this should never be considered a priority. We do have script pre-processors to assist with code clarity.
  24. I'm almost certain that SL doesn't do any kind og GPU instancing, but that doesn't mean it would hold multiple copies in ram.
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