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  1. Why on earth would they want to even do this?
  2. That's also why anything like gambling & gacha is fairly strictly regulated. And also why fun fair games rarely have anything to do with skill and everything to do with the payout rate the machine has been configured for.
  3. This is actually a very common and legal mechanic on modern slot machines, they won't manipulate the odds (that would be illegal), but because the spinners are completely electronically controlled, they tend to display "near misses", such as having rolled the big jackpot on all spinners but one. People then believe their "luck" is about to hit and keep playing.
  4. It can but it generally won't, a 1 in 100 rare people try to get at 50L$ a spin will on average bring back 5000L$ per copy delivered. It doesn't matter if one day it takes you a single spin, over a long period of time, it will average to this.
  5. I'm gonna assume you're joking, you do realize there was a time when Linden Labs did not charge VAT for Europeans right? Can you guess what eventually happened?
  6. I was gonna reply something of that magnitude, LL has a rather big, creeping issue when it comes to adding new features: "How do we add X without making the SL experience way worse."
  7. "Had" The world is an ever changing landscape you know. You can't reasonably expect to make money in coutnry A while also being sheltered from any of its rules and regulations because you operate from country B. This type of loophole have been closing up for a long time.
  8. Probabilities tells us that someone, has to be left holding the bag at the end of the day, you're just hoping it won't be you. Gacha creators rarely published the odds on their "rares" (and never the machine's internal working which might not even be random at all) because the point of a gacha is to delude you into thinking that it might actually only take a single spin for you to get what you want.
  9. An exception doesn't change the general trend. This is the kind of product that will do just fine when sold normally.
  10. Which is a falacy. Due to the volume requirements, gachas in SL have to be produced as quickly and as cheaply as possible.
  11. At the end of the day, the United States of America is not an island isolated from the rest of world.
  12. Odds are pretty much never published, machine internal behaviors are undocumented. I mused many times about creating an opensource gacha machine that drops rares at a fixed time rate and only when there is more than 1 person close enough to see that a rare dropped. Just to demonstrate how scummy this system is.
  13. The problem is actually being dealt with, the fact it negatively impact gacha resellers is not a bug, it is a feature. Gamblers do have fun while they gamble their all their savings away, people also have fun in skinner boxes. An item you have no use for is "not getting anything back". Supply & demand, if there is no demand, the value of a product is effectively zero.
  14. Predatory practices are profitable, yes, we know, or unscrupulous creators wouldn't use them. They do, please explain why you believe people should have to purchase products they do not want in the hope of getting the one they do want. The whataboutism is too damn high.
  15. Doing it poorly is the same as not doing it at all.
  16. Gachas in SL have always been low effort, high poly, high texture memory trinkets with little to no value. All they did was encouraging the nomod culture to protect from retexturing/recoloring one's purchase, not even real life gachas are this vile.
  17. Well do keep in mind that firestorm default settings are not the same as the SL viewer, LOD specifically.
  18. How do you test how your objects look then? On Firestorm only?
  19. Isn't each draw call processed as a separate mesh? And yeah most MMOs consolidate as much as they can per-avatar to process as much as possible in one go.
  20. Useless unless they can also consolidate the draw calls however.
  21. You mean it isn't on purpose?
  22. Start with that part then. Sounds like a legit license.
  23. Lots of mesh bodies blend the weight between fitmesh and non fitmesh bones to reduce the slider effect.
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