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  1. It also means you'll get no support if you have a problem since the person who sold you the product can't actually model
  2. My admiration gets regularly shattered anytime I eventually learn that a prolific creator I used to admire is just buying models made by others, probably paying them well below minimum wage.
  3. That was one of my plans for gachas at some point, but I'm slower than Linden Lab
  4. A better wording for the policy would have been something along the lines of "random or pseudorandom system where the user can, or is encouraged to purchase items they do not want in order to get the item they wish to purchase. And where the total price to get a given item is either random/pseudorandom, or different from user to user or at different times"
  5. Anyone here who buys gachas could give me some data to do some quick probabilities calculations? Gacha Name (not the actual name but something to refer to it) Type. (clothing, furniture, etc...) Whether the parts are designed to work together or are variants. How many parts does the gacha has, how many rares. Price per spin. Odds for the rares (if public, or if the machine config is visible) I'm actually curious about how much your typical, high profile gacha seller is effectively "asking" on average.
  6. LI/primcount predate LL's growing concerns for end user performances. Back then the sole purpose of LI was to address their concerns on region resource usage and nothing else really mattered to them.
  7. I'd love to see gacha sellers to come up with a honest explanation for why they are clinging to this model with such a death grip. Unfortunately I also know they can never be honest about it either.
  8. I want it fixed still, and then I want avatar complexity as a land setting.
  9. I suspect that too. In fact it reminds me a lot of how computerized slot machines can re-arrange "lost" reels to entice the player to keep playing because they were "so close to winning".
  10. Oh and I forgot the classic RL machine setting. 6. Minimum payout between desirable items.
  11. Oh those are gonna be so fun to "corrupt"... Imagine the kind of optimized conveyer layouts this could generate to maximize payment, here are a few ideas: Last item bought by a given person is probably the most desired item. Make sure that the conveyer always contains no more than 1 rare/desired item. Pack the rest with the least desired items. Make it look a little more random than that.
  12. You've never opened a claw machine I guess. The claw will only hold the item hard enough when the configured machine win rate has been met.
  13. Virtual objects are licenses, not goods. A license can be non transferable.
  14. <TRADE OFFER> I get: Money. You get: Random stuff I made which might be what you wanted... ot not.
  15. That is absolutely laughable, if you want to cater to low budget customers, all you have to do is reduce your margin, the randomness screws those people if anything because they are unlikely to get what they want, only now they can't complain that they lost as you gave them "something" (which has no value for them but that's beside the point) You mean, creators wanting to get more than what their product is worth. The random nature of gachas ensures that you cannot know in advance how much the item you are trying to get will cost you. Hell you might even have to walk away without it, with your inventory full of filler items that barely qualify as a consolation prize. I can spend up to five MONTHS refining the same product, I try to price them fairly and to reflect the work put in, but I also know that whatever price I pick HAS to match my customer's expectations.
  16. I don't see the need to be precise, just ban the twerps when they try to toe the line. Not only is toeing the rules breaking the rules, but rules are there to give us guidelines, it doesn't mean they exist to restrict what Linden Lab can do.
  17. Can we stop with the whataboutism already? This is about gachas not about any other activity on the grid that has not even a remote connection to gachas. Thank you.
  18. I was refering to the person crying about the government's presence in their life.
  19. Several already announced they would keep their gachas up until the deadline. They appear to have plenty of time.
  20. But that's the case for every activity that ends up banned.
  21. Some people are really eager to make bank on a crisis here.
  22. Oh I'm sure we do, for people who actually work hard that is. Beyond the fact gachas allowed them to reap far more money from a given product than they ought to expect. The reality is that it is a system built on desire something that you can't have. Most "commons" on gachas are filler content, and even the rare items are usually not worth the asking price, whether it is quality, optimization or really just "what you are getting". It only has to be good enough for the billboard.
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