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  1. Lies, damned lies, and statistics! Its interesting how everything feels slow in world economy wise everyone I speak to says traffic is down sales are down, land usage is down, how it been made to look flat,, goodness only knows, accountants are keen on playing with numbers and graphs to make things seem better then they are.. somehow I feel let down that the senior accountant made the figures look good.. but stable, isn't a good sign, in my book as its a sign of stagnation , growth is good.. but we don't seem to have that, it would be better to have these figures published monthly and deleting the feeds is an indication of worry of the part if the accountants.. fingers crossed the sky is not falling , but I am getting a bit of a sinking feeling
  2. Ok so heres an issue for you to market. One of the main trafic drivers for small buisnesses was " Picks" ask a linden how that used to work. Now they are turned off in seach , ask at the office why . Now if LL cant find a way of fixing abuse in sl they just turn that feature off.. market that !
  3. I think the main issue with anyone that works for LL is that they just don't have the attitude of the users. Motivation of employees is never the same as the players. Welcome anyway and we all hope you can help new users into SL. I hope you understand that this isnt a game or a mmorpg, if you dont you wont get anywhere. If i was working for ll Id log in and play as a normal user for quite a while to find out what its really like,Buy lindens with my own money see, what it really feels like to loose inventory and then have no help, buy land with my own money and carry the risk the same as the users, learn to build, without any help from other lindens, But as a linden you'll never see the full picture.. Good luck you will need it.
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