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  1. Tattoo creators who use the terms fresh, faded, and worn to indicate how bright their tattoo options are. "Fresh" is obvious, but does ANYONE have an intuitive sense for whether "faded" is more or less intense than "worn?" Answer: no, nobody does. So please stop using these terms.
  2. Sims that immediately ask you to 1) read a note card with their rules, 2) accept a landmark, 3) subscribe to their group, and 4) hear a welcome message from a bot. No. Just no. Seriously, if you own a sim, you need to stop doing ALL of this crap RIGHT NOW. Yes, really, ALL of it...not just one or two things. ALL OF IT!
  3. Dude. Here's a thought. Maybe people will be more willing to engage with your comments if (and I know this is crazy talk) you take the time to post a well-edited, comprehensible suggestion. You know...rather than posting something that sounds like the result of chugging two bottles of black market vodka, snorting a line of coke, and then deciding to log onto the SL forums. Just saying...
  4. From everything I've observed, you're WAAAAY more intolerant of other opinions than the people you accuse of being intolerant. Now I get it, you obviously don't think my claim is true...you clearly see yourself as some sort of champion of individuality and free speech. Except you're not. At all. From everything I've observed, you're a toxic bully who wants to tell everyone else what to think. So how about you shut up, take a long hard look in the mirror, and stop playing the intolerance/victim card?
  5. Women who can't tell the difference between “generic” and “genetic.”
  6. A pet peeve I've been encountering more often recently: merchants who've decided the best option for delivering 10 color variations of a single item is to give you a folder with 10 different boxed subfolders, each of which contains one color for the standard mesh body types. Guess what? Nobody has all the standard mesh body types. Rather then making us unbox 10 separate folders to get all the colors for our specific body, how about organizing your subfolders by body type rather than color? Or, y'know, make a color change HUD?
  7. Agreed. IMO people who put up security orbs with a 10 second limit should have their SL accounts permanently deleted. Yeah, I know it's not gonna happen, but in my ideal version of SL it totally would.
  8. I feel like people who say "I only chat in public" are the SL equivalents of people who can't stop going on about how they "don't even own a television" in RL. Great. Awesome. I understand that you have a strong personal preference and hey...that's cool and all. But, like, maybe don't assume it's the only right choice?
  9. Merchants who expect me to pay over L$ 100 (or more!) to join their "VIP" group. Nope. Not gonna happen.
  10. SL is currently seriously messed up. It would be great if Linden Labs could implement a notification system that automatically alerted users of this fact as soon as they logged on. But apparently that's asking too much lol!
  11. People who feel the need to put a passive-aggressive "wtf are you looking at" comment in their 1st life tab. If you don't want to talk about your RL that's totally cool with me. Just don't bite my head off for clicking on a built-in tab that Linden Lab decided to include.
  12. Locations that attempt to send me a landmark as soon as I arrive. I TPed here so I obviously know where it is and SL viewers have a "landmark this place" option, so if I WANT a landmark I can easily generate one. Store and club owners: please, for the love of all that's holy, knock off the automated landmark madness!
  13. It's really more a peeve with SL/Linden Labs than with the merchants. In 2019 there shouldn't be a cap on how many groups we can join. That's like Twitter or Instagram saying you can only follow 42 people. And yes, I'm sure there's some behind-the-scenes reason for the limitation that's related to old SL code or their network structure or whatever. Doesn't make it any less of a peeve though
  14. Respectfully, yes we're really contributing members of SL. Any other dumb questions?
  15. 1. Items I need to rez in order to unpack. Seriously? Unpacker scripts have been around for at least a decade! 2. Merchants who expect me to pay them L$ for the privilege of joining their group. Sorry, I'm sure you offer a lot of great perks and incentives, but until SL increases its group limit from 42 to infinity, don't even think about charging me money to use one of my limited group slots on you.
  16. I'm currently unable to download the Second Life Viewer for Mac (http://download.cloud.secondlife.com/Viewer_6/Second_Life_6_0_1_522263_x86_64.dmg). Is anyone else experiencing this issue, or is it something on my end? Thanks!
  17. Anyone else having trouble getting SLURLs to open from Chrome into Firestorm? This has always worked for me in the past, but no longer. What's up?
  18. Why the hell is it taking 30 minutes to download Firestorm? They need to fix this issue and the need to do it NOW.
  19. Oh how I love threads like this, especially when people get all pissy pants about other users expecting even a basic level of competence from companies. It's super easy to tell which users have been brainwashed into accepting that corporations don't owe us anything.... Demanding professionalism is a virtue grasshoppas...a worthy one to possess, though not easily obtained, apparently.
  20. "Unscheduled Maintenance?" Dude, next time schedule that maintenance
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