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  1. Desde hace unos dias que hicieron los rolling restart, creo que fue hasta el 19 de Abril que estuvieron haciendolos, han tocado algo que ha hecho que no pueda entrar en el sim de mi tienda y no solo eso, para poder conectarme, cuando me deja, tengo que hacerlo en otro sim, y si despues voy al mio, habitualmente cuando paso y tiempo alli, me desconecta o bien si quiero ir a otro sim,se me desconecta. Pero ahora viene lo peor, no solo tengo problemas para entrar en el sim que tengo alquilado, donde tengo mi tienda, si no que al pichar arriba donde viene el nombre del sim, ya no sale el nombre y
  2. Muchisimas gracias hacia tiempo que tenia el problema de que me faltaban al menos 30 000 objetos en mi inventario y aunque limpiara cache se ve que no era suficiente del modo normal, tuve que hacerlo asi y funcionó, muchas gracias.
  3. June 12. (Second life manteniance): I try to send items but tell me " you need to have a store.....bla bla" ok..... I downloaded Project viewer and "amazing" the problem its fixed but......I cant send nothing with merchant outbox. I wrote an issue and Linden Lab log in with my account and tell me "WE DONT KNOW WHATS THE PROBLEM SO....WRITE A JIRA IN MARKET PLACE WEB BECAUSE THIS IS NOT PROBLEM OF LINDEN LAB"....... 15 June. I wrote a JIRA....and wait.... 17.June. They ask me what viewer i use and my sistem information. I answered.... 17 July...
  4. You know now that this is not true Dakota, because, what about my problem? No problem of store, not problem of inizialating, my problem its that i put the folders in the windows and when i press send, the folder stay in the same place and sometimes say, error bla bla bla, but sometimes say "send completed" or dont say nothing. Linden tell me that they dont know what happens!!! They dont knowww????? omg! and i make a jira in market place and the dont know????? OMG! what kind of team of donkeys!!!! Its your program, its your sistem, its my store! fix my problem!
  5. I have the same problem, since 12 of June, i cant send anything to market place, i write Jiras but nobody asnwer me. Linden use my account and tell me.." we dont know what happens so, write a jira in market place web" I did it but nothing....one month and no answer....i need helpe too but i think that if we are not TRUE or REDGRAVE, nobody read our jiras
  6. In june the 12th I had a problem that today its not fixed. I opened a case and Linden enter in my account and tell me, We dont know how to fix the problem, open a jira of a bugg in market place. I did it, but since day 17 last month i have no answer, no word....Its my bussines, one month without send any object in my store account and no aswer for me. "We work on it" "wait" something!! I need some telephone or name of somebody that could tell me something or help me to fix my problem. Please its my only way to have a little money in my home and the silent its killing me....
  7. I have the same problem, i ask for the restart but i dont know how many time the spend...snif* I have my sky box and my constructions...
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