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  1. As far as sandboxes go, you can use the beta ones. The majority of people are too lazy to join the group required to enter the sim. All the better for the ones that do join. Not a soul around.
  2. Still all junk. Fix the problems - like we've asked all along. Make Secondlife WORTH paying for. As long as we keep crashing, having problems with marketplace and losing inventory, nothing else matters. Time to get off your can and do something about it. Oh, that's right - we're just residents, our opinions don't matter.
  3. XxSarahxX Quintessa wrote: yes i did submit a ticket this was their answer Thank you for checking on this. Unfortunately, due to our privacy policy, I am unable to discuss the status of this residents account with you. However, I am happy to give a general overview of what can be expected. Rental agreements between residents are considered personal agreements and can not be enforced by Linden Lab. If you feel your loss is significant and you wish to involve your local authorities, we do cooperate with real world law enforcement agencies. I hope I was able to provide a better understanding of how the policy works. Regards, Jason Linden so basically im SOL but thx maybe i will get with you and your landlord Congrats, another linden lab lube job. my butt still hurts from the one I got recently. you didnt really figure they'd be of help did you? just never go premium... secondlife isn't worth paying for.
  4. Sorry Sarah, but it looks like your outta luck. Moral of the story... don't pay in advance to a fly by night sheister. Unfortunately, things like this happen to people every single day. You may as well kiss your 5k goodbye, however.. I do suggest submitting a ticket to labs and trying to sweet talk them into allowing you access to the sim long enough for you to gather your things... for what good that will do. There are plenty of reputable real estate companies within secondlife that have quite a long history behind them. Whenever your looking for land, the key thing to do is find out how long they've had their sims under that business. You may contact me directly inworld and I'll be more then happy to give you the name of my landlord. He's been around since 2006. Hope this helps.
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