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  1. Hi, I'm back again ( I like the new forum )
  2. Hello ( who missed me ? ) I'm back ( after along time ) many things changed in SL especially my friend's list ( I'm a bit lost ) when I was absent ( I missed that avatar ),I'm looking for friends again (add me or contact me inworld) Thank you (no candy this time)
  3. :smileyhappy: ok no candy ( no emergency candy too :matte-motes-grin: )
  4. Greetings all (What's up ?),This is Merciful (A great person,Friendful,Helpful,Cool ) and he need new cool friends ( Any friend just have to be cool and like having fun ,from any country,from any planet ),it's an emergency (Don't fear ,i'm not dying ) so who is interested ( You are great ) or who search a new friend ( Before start a thread,i'm here ),contact me by IM inworld ( Yeah that's cool ),Thank you,( i will give you a candy ) :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
  5. if it's for the sociology it's good,always help the science and help people to know,
  6. Hello there,i will contact you :smileyhappy:
  7. Hello IN, that's nice,i'm looking for something like that ,it will be wonderful,i will contact you
  8. Hello ,if you need a new friend i'm here,feel free to contact me
  9. Alors ça c'est nouveaux,je crois pas que quelqun va accepter ce truc la,en plus filmer,je vous dis bonne chance.
  10. Nice concept,it's a good idea for second life,we will have have fun with,
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