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  1. Cathy Foil wrote: Those making and selling animations will want to clearly label their animations as "Rotations Only", "Rotations and Translations" or "Translations Only"... I think that is a good suggestion. But I think also mesh head creators will have to classify their mesh by what sort of expressions the mesh will accept. Because the customer buying the mesh head will rarely understand why the particular expression will not work with the mesh, but they can learn that some expressions will go and some not. They must not even understand what a rotation and what a translation is, but whe
  2. This is getting very long already and every time I have time to read the thread gets 10 new pages But I am glad how it is going on, and that there are debates, since it schows the topic is so important, and I am glad Bento team is stil waiting with release before all issues are resolved. The rest of the post can be pointless, as I am neither an avatar designer not animator (although I have an intension to make my very own full bento mesh body myself some day) so you can ignore the folowing when it is pointless. However, when I read the debates about sliders vs. expressions, I get a feeling
  3. Thank you (Bento team) very much for opening Bento to the Agni, expected it soon but not so soon that is cool. And for updating the skeleton files. However,there is a problem, or better to say stil, because I noticed it since long time. When I import the .dae files (mesh + skeleton) into Blender, I see the skeleton broken. Some bones are minimized and their head tips do not catch the tail tips of their child bones in the line. You can see it by comparing the leg lines with hind lines:  The same problem I have when I import into Blender 2.75 and into Blender 2.77a. Is there a way to impor
  4. Hello DS, response to you, althought it would be one for the whole human avatar subproject. That looks cool, yes, I played with the Manuellab addon a little, the customization is really good, very many options and it looks as if Manuel took a long study about body types, shapes, and this makes me respect that work. And when i look at the hands and feet, that is a dream of hands, really. Well, body needs more complexity at some places and there are number of places that are way too complex, like eyebrows or wimpers, eyeballs or teeth, they use much too much vertices for SL. However, apparently
  5. Not sure if this is too late to add bones, but I was just talking with a friend about hair cuts and then it came up, that you could make changeable hair styles when there was bones for hair in the skeleton. I think 2 or 3 chains of 3 bones parented to mSkull would allow to get dynamic hair and change hair style. At least 2 chains for tails left and right, one of them or both you can use for ponytail. It needs be different bones than used for (for example) wings or face because you want probably wear hair to the wings or mesh head. Just an idea. I am not an avatar designer, so this suggestion
  6. Thank you Code for liking the contribution I added the "[bENTO]" prefix to the Jira name. I was not sure at the time of wriging if i should. The post does address an issue that is there since mesh avatars and not just since bento, and it is also scripting issue. But bento has the ability to solve it. So I decided to add the prefix thank you for reminding on it. Edit: Managed to miss the meeting, forgot about the daylight saving time... When no one brought up the topic today, LL has more time to reply
  7. Something that doesn't seem to have been covered in this thread is how Bento will affect existing content. This is true, I realized that too, after reading this thread. The idea of polysailis also good and it has a good chance to be implemented, I think, when LL not accepts your idea about extending animation override. However, I dared to think about it, as i am also a scripter rather than mesher or builder and to post a feature request for it: Animation Override for built-in animations. I extended it to all built-in animations because not only facial expressions are affected, but also han
  8. Thank you for your Answer Nalates Yes thats corect, waiting 24 or even 48 hours (two days) is generally a good idea. Also it is important to log in to the beta grid with the SL viewer (and not with SL Beta viewer despite the name) as first. The second login can be with any viewer. This worked for me as i had once the problem that the Aditi session was not stored somehow. Yes, as far i was also told, the inventory on Aditi is managed by weaker hardware than the inventory on Agni. This was the main reason why i started the tread. Now after i was thinking more, i beleive the idea of packagin
  9. Good evening I know there is a routine that exports all our inventory from Agni (main grid) to Aditi (beta grid). To initiate this routine all you need is change your password. The question is, is there a way to organize my inventory in order the export routine has less to work or also in order the inventory servers on Aditi can work with the inventory on Aditi easier? An example to make the question some more concrete: When I package all my stuff in boxes (you know, by rezing a prim, putting there my stuff, take the boxes and removing the stuff from my inventory) than i have on the first
  10. The avatar you want check the ping must have a RLV-enabled viewer and possibly an active relay. Unless you implement that check by a device and give them the device, than the device can communicate with the viewer directly without a relay. But their viewer must understand the RLV commands. Your viewer must not be RLV-capable. This is an interesting idea actually to implmement such a thing and test on myself how much the ping value calculated this way differs from the ping value shown in the statistics bar. If i get time i'll try that
  11. Principally it seems to be possible to test how good is a connection of the avatar and how good is the avatar's machine by using a RLV-enable viewer. RLV has a number of commands awaiting a response from the viewer. For example a "@version=channel" command. The protocol is this: A scrip in avatars object (e.g.) relay opens a chat listen on a channel, e,g, 222, than issues a command llOwnerSay("@version=222"); This is a message sent by script directly to the viewer using by the avatar.The string "@version=222" is thus passed over the server - viewer connection and is delayed in respect of
  12. Hi Eden I think it is because RLV is something not everyone who uses SL needs in the viewer. If you sail mostly or even only, you not need RLV. And if creators tools come alive you not need RLV for gridwide teleporting. So RLV is a partial solution used by part of residents. The SL viewer needs only stuff every SL resident uses mostly. So the current solution is to have the official SL viewer and the third party viewers implement the RLV. This solution works actually good. Perhaps the better solution would be modular viewers when the SL viewer offrs a framework for plug-ins (one for inventor
  13. The Problem Some residents do experience inventory problems last times when the inventory in Aditi, especially after password change (made to update the Aditi inventory) breaks. And I also read from indirect sources that the inventory on Aditi is on smaller hardware so there are needs to cull out data that are not used. As I understood the asset index for Agni and Aditi are in separate databases while asset server has the files on disc (notecards, LMs textures, objects and so on) and every asset index just links the files for avatar and object inventories. This makes it easy to look up the inv
  14. I have the sae theory like Freya A default script that you always create by clicking "New script" in contents tab of the build floater is telling "Touched" in local chat if touching the object. The script is called "New script", eventually with a number appended to it (if the prim has nother item called new script" and is always edit-able for the one who created it. The content should look like in this page: Hello Avatar The script does not interract with other scripts and since created accidentally should not harm others if deleted. If you can't see such a script, than the reason is possi
  15. Yes Darien, and thanks for replay. Yes, the script looses permissions if copied out of inworld object and if copied with object copied inworld. But it retains permissions if the object is taken into inventory and copied there. And i am pretty unhappy with the fact that once granted permisions can not be taken back, unless the owner of the object holding the script makes some mistake like resetting the script. The owner of the object gained avatar permissions can use the permissions in another means than the grant was intended to, and the victim can do nothing about it, or at leas i not know
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