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  1. Just a guess, a designer of more than one type of item: apparel designer, hair designer, shoe designer, jewelry designer.
  2. Minutes passed with shallow wordsYears have passed and still the hurtI can see you nowSmiling as I pulled away I remember the letter wrinkled in my hand"I'll love you always" filled my eyesI remember a night we walked along the SeineRiding on the Metro
  3. вчи кольори разом learn colors together
  4. I happened by a poetry reading. Then an acquaintance of mine showed up. I was really thrilled as he read his poetry aloud. I went to the music club later and he was there, too.
  5. After touring the gardens in Vyshgorod, it's relax time in the palace.
  6. I had styled these plaid pants and went to a live concert, thanks to a friend.
  7. I seem to recall that many moons a go posting a chat transcript onto the web violated the SL Terms of Service (TOS). Is that still the case? Am I living in a different decade?
  8. Second Life profiles are now web-based; see http://my.secondlife.com
  9. Second Life profiles are now web-based; see http://my.secondlife.com - this is the solution for me!! Everything works!!!!!
  10. I have this same problem at home on Mac OSX 10.6.8 woth 1 MB RAM. At school/work on similar machines it works great with faster connections and lots more ram. I think it has something to do with the GUI needing a lot of RAM.
  11. I am using the latest viewer on the Mac at home on mt DSL. I get this issue as well. Instead of buttons and the feed, I get what looks like HTAML 1.0 links, but no buttons, and the profile/feed is essentially useless. At school/work, where the connections are faster and I have much more RAM, it works as advertised. Issue must be the way the UI uses memory allocation or something. There may be a way yo tweak it in preferences or the developer/advanced settings, but so far I cannot figure it out. Kinda sux, becuase I do sort of get how the feed thing could work for me.
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