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  1. Guilliaume wrote: You do not make very much money, do you, or perhaps you are bad at managing money? I am only saying this because, no, even $295 a month is not expensive. My free spending money for the month is somehwere around $400 and my combined household income is almost $50,000, which is like the lowest tier of middle class for the U.S.A. Romney's middle class is most people's 2%... http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/03/21/1195808/-Republicans-have-no-clue-how-people-manage-their-budgets-Part-II U.S. household consumer debt profile: Average credit card debt: $15,266 Average mortgage debt: $149,667 Average student loan debt: $32,559 (Source) vs Income: $44,389 Maybe you have $400/month lying around to spend on anything, but that basically puts you in the 'fat cat wealthy' category for us peasants down here in the majority.
  2. Looking for some sort of roleplay / storytelling area where one's character could be unclothed - in theme - and not be under someone else's control as that role would require in something like Gorean-RP. Adult or M-rated doesn't matter. Prefer fantasy, then science fiction, then anything that works for such a character trait. ;)
  3. The community guidelines linked off the forum's welcome message say the forums need to be kept 'G' rated. Does that still apply even to these adult content forums? No nudity, no explicit conversations, etc? Even in this subsection?
  4. I'm one of the mentors, and a professional webmaster. I could probably take it on.
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