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  1. Region-Meglos Waterfront, full region, mainland for sale. Makeoffer via notecard to Alysin Darkstone. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Meglos/126/127/51
  2. Mira Kamiguwa wrote: Vampires in second life have become a big sterio-type. And people who play as Vtm vampires only take the surface of their charicters and run with that as long as they can. Mira I would have agreed with the first sentence if it were worded "are subject to a big stereotype" instead of "have become a big sterio-type" The second sentence is an example of one form of stereotyping some vampires are subject to, specifically VtM Vampires. I founded Darkstone Kingdoms, have run the same RPG since 2007 and we highly encourage depth of character. Yes, you want to roleplay as true to the Clan as written in the guidelines of the book but in character development we stress depth. One way to increase the depth of your character is to play either merits, flaws or both within your character persona. We do not want clones of one another's characters running around. Simply put its boring! No two characters even in the same clans are alike. I am proud of the core players here. All have a distinct and unique personality for their character. Mira Kamiguwa wrote: Well if you think about it there is a lot of linden to be made from role playing and vampires brings in a lot of cash for hungry role play sim owners or fashion, weapons designers. If people don't actually role play properly who cares? This last part that Mira wrote only brought to mind Bloodlines that profits so immensely from the game. Here at Darkstone Kingdoms I will admit that the majority of us here are content creators in one form or another. It does NOT support the roleplay and in fact sales areas of anything (90-95% of products have nothing to do with roleplay) is kept separate from the roleplay areas (stores are in the sky, RP always on ground level, so as a roleplayer you can teleport or login directly to ground level and not be forced to walk through a spam infested location boasting of products you "need". We have either the landing point forced to ground level or the landing point in 1 location forced to the information center for RP (to get notecards and LMs regarding the rp) but once you have a LM, keeping in mind the teleport routing is set to 'ANYWHERE' so you never have to go back to that location unless you are choosing it. With the few locations that force the landing point the roleplay teleporter clearly marked (and within 5m of the landing point) you don't even have to take one step towards a store that may be in the far distance, you can simply tp directly to RP immediately. What differentiates us from the rest is that I have made SURE it costs players $0L to play. Both my daughter, Angelica Leiner, and myself have made sure that we have provided everything you need to roleplay for FREE (whether is one of her sims or one of my sims.) We have also both gifted many players with FREE items time and again. The only thing we WANT you to spend is your time enjoying the RP. Not worrying what weapon you have, how you are dressed or what accessories you have. As content creator myself for years I do make many many roleplay items, however its rare to find one for sale. They are created FOR use within the Darkstone Kingdoms VtM RP and no one pays for it. As for actually roleplaying, YES we do! So thanks Mira, you have given me inspiration to maybe start selling items to help the exorbitant amount of real $USD I have spent a month in tier over the many years on the multiple roleplay sims I own and offer to the public to play for FREE.
  3. I have been a vampire in SL since the day I started literally. Upon that very first log in I was amazed at seeing the varied creatures and species that one could be. When considering how I wanted to display my persona... the choice was a natural and easy one. Simply put... I was a vampire. Within 60 days I had my own land, my own clan and have been enjoying every minute of it. I decided I wasn’t going to be the dress-up stereotypical, everything-in-black-and-red cartoony style vampire that was so prevalent on SL. Instead I would move and exist as a vampire in everything I do. Similar to how I am in RL, I just wanted to be myself and comfortable in my own skin. Having played the White Wolf table top game Vampire: the Masquerade and letting it serve as inspiration I set my mind to try to find the best way to bring that table top version to the MMORPG environment and thus was born Darkstone Kingdoms. In an attempt to bring this game and its form and structure to SL found me quickly looking for a combat meter. Seems I had tried them all and after exploring each one, I found only 1 that would suit my purpose... and it was DCS. OKOK I am sure there will be some readers of this post sighing, moaning and more. But to reiterate: I found only 1 to suit my purpose, so please don't take this as I am discrediting others. The roleplay we have is basically a text based RPG and the DCS meter helps in marking levels and thus claiming the use of your vampire abilities and powers known as your Disciplines. Do we use it also as a combat meter for in-game fighting, yes we do but it’s not very often. The text based roleplay get so intense sometimes and the beauty of the “word-smithing” of the players so mesmerizing that often battles are not fought with weapons. Yes we train with the weapons and we are ready should there be a need. But battle by DCS is not mandatory. The DCS also allowed me to actually create the authentic powers of the different vampire clans which also is a wonderful added treat to the roleplay. Pretty cool when a Tzimisce vampire is using the ability Skin Trap where they actually peel off a layer of skin, throw it at you and trap you for a period of time and visually see the animations and the ability played out right before your eyes. It’s a really nice compliment to the written text. To say its been a labor of love is an understatement. I have been running the same exact Vampire RPG game since 2007 and with some of the original players still there. We have grown and expanded since 2007. But always stayed true to White Wolf’s World of Darkness’ Vampire: the Masquerade. OK back to the beginning… This was the days before Bloodlines, and even then I had had my fair share of "vampires" attempting to solicit me to join their clan. Careful and slow consistent observation proved quite disappointing for me. I was dumbfounded at the consistency with which I observed very unlike vampire behaviors out of those claiming to be a vampire. Mental note to self... I didn't want to be one of those. I was further confused by the click-to-join clans. I had heard from friends and SL family and friends alike of the drama, backstabbing, and outright sabotage of a Clan by its very own members on other sims. You have the primadonna princesses, the attention whoooors, the whiners, the meatheads out to just kill kill kill, the power trippers and the god-modders. To name only a few.. Note again: I didn’t want to be one of those or have those. Never once have I solicited anyone to become a vampire, nor to join my Clan or my RPG. I do not advertise the RPG and many may question why. I have seen that with the click-to-join types you just don’t know who you are getting or if they can even handle this type of roleplay. Can they see that a GM is giving constructive criticism and not take it personally? Can they see that EVERY player is valuable and not just the lead of a Clan? Can they still maintain their own identity and not be consumed by their SL persona? OK I can’t control that, don’t want to even try, but what I can do is minimize that by not opening up the clan itself for just anyone to join. We try get to really know you (as much as you let us) and if after that we can suggest a Clan or race for you we will, but above all we leave it to the player. No solicitations, no pressure. Come observe, see if this is the place for you and where you may fit in. Just this year we have actually opened up Roleplay formally to the public. We have at one time had over 400,000 sq m of playable area and is now holding at a steady 286,000+ sq m. This provides plenty of areas for all to explore, enjoy, roleplay and really adds an authentic feel of the traveling between lands. Any good roleplayer can roleplay in a 10 x 10 box but it’s nice to have the areas we do. Had some rough spots along the way and growth was slow, but despite that I am proud of the players we have, their efforts, and their contributions. It’s always been quality over quantity. OK … times goes by and along comes the introduction of Bloodlines. All of a sudden everywhere I went my being a Vampire is suddenly a bad thing. Marked a SPAMPIRE by those who didn’t know that there was a strong Vampire community out there long before Bloodlines. It was almost embarrassing to be a vampire. Then there was the Bloodlines players coming to the DK (Darkstone Kingdoms) sims, soliciting bites and interrupting roleplay of this established game as well as going to other vampire communities of Sanguinists and Psy vamps and disrupting their sims too. I saw most of my kindred types who were already in SL quickly jumping on the bandwagon of banning “Bloodliners” (those who play Bloodlines) from their sims along with items being introduced such as anti-Bloodlines signs and things like the Buffy-Bot. Sanguinists, Psy Vamps and Vampire roleplayers alike ALL had to deal with the impact of Bloodlines and how it was coloring the non-vampire community’s views of us. (Keep in mind many roleplaying vamps are also Sang or Psy vamps.) Bloodlines is a vampire game and suits many just fine. But its impact on those of us who were already here on SL was less than pleasant. I have seen many things change since my time in SL. Far to many to post in this reply. I am still doing my vamp thing with my slow and carefully expanding Clan and welcoming other Clans, Humans, Hunters, Demons and more to join in.
  4. Have to echo Maelstrom Janus' comment in part " Access to a sandbox when Im paying teir..." " When the CEO said he was improving the premium membership I expected greater..." Also have to second the person that mentioned that giving freebie furniture prob isnt the best idea. No, it won't destroy the furniture market, but it certainly won't help it any and could potentially have a small impact on those that do sell furniture in a similar fashion as to how the free linden home effected real estate businesses that catered the smaller parcels. As far as what would be good is premium members stating what perks we WOULD like to see so that LL DOES know what we want. Would be great to see a bonus % off on teir for owning more land. For example: Pay blank for 1 region, but when you have 2 regions, get 5% or 10% off second one. When you own 2 get 15% off third then cap it at blank (4 or 5) number of regions so it doesn't just mega-benefit the SL rich, but instead prompts the smaller land owner to purchase more. Something like that could serve as both an incentive/benefit to the premium user as well as potentially serve as an benefit to LL to have more residents perhaps interested in becoming a premium member, Look for what will benefit BOTH ( LL and the SL premium member) and you may just have a recipe for success. So far had a few voice convos tonight and general consensus among the premium members I have spoken with is that these are hardly features they are wanting, liking or will use. No, I am not saying in general no one will use them, but the feeedback I am hearing is certainly less than promising or positive. I think LL is on the right track to offer premium members somthing more.... just maybe not these features. Let's all keep leaving a comment on what we WOULD like to see, so LL actually has something definative to go on instead of just saying that we don't like something..
  5. Was impressed with the post. Thanks for showing us and not just telling us that you have been in world and have learned this or that. That hands on approach will win the hearts as well as confidence of many. Looks like you are off to a great start!
  6. Welcome Rod, When I read the Post title I was both pleased yet anxious as I clicked on the link to read, it not knowing if this announcement would be a disappointment or something positive. I am so thrilled to have read you are now CEO. Congratulations! Your previous work, work experience and, most notably, your views and the passion you still hold (that is conveyed in interviews) is the breath of fresh air that can take SL back to the dream we all know it can be! It will be intresting to sit back and watch what your focus will be and I look forward to what is to come! Again, welcome and congratulations!
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