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  1. Region-Meglos Waterfront, full region, mainland for sale. Makeoffer via notecard to Alysin Darkstone. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Meglos/126/127/51
  2. Mira Kamiguwa wrote: Vampires in second life have become a big sterio-type. And people who play as Vtm vampires only take the surface of their charicters and run with that as long as they can. Mira I would have agreed with the first sentence if it were worded "are subject to a big stereotype" instead of "have become a big sterio-type" The second sentence is an example of one form of stereotyping some vampires are subject to, specifically VtM Vampires. I founded Darkstone Kingdoms, have run the same RPG since 2007 and we highly encourage depth of character. Yes, you want to rolepla
  3. I have been a vampire in SL since the day I started literally. Upon that very first log in I was amazed at seeing the varied creatures and species that one could be. When considering how I wanted to display my persona... the choice was a natural and easy one. Simply put... I was a vampire. Within 60 days I had my own land, my own clan and have been enjoying every minute of it. I decided I wasn’t going to be the dress-up stereotypical, everything-in-black-and-red cartoony style vampire that was so prevalent on SL. Instead I would move and exist as a vampire in everything I do. Similar to how I
  4. Have to echo Maelstrom Janus' comment in part " Access to a sandbox when Im paying teir..." " When the CEO said he was improving the premium membership I expected greater..." Also have to second the person that mentioned that giving freebie furniture prob isnt the best idea. No, it won't destroy the furniture market, but it certainly won't help it any and could potentially have a small impact on those that do sell furniture in a similar fashion as to how the free linden home effected real estate businesses that catered the smaller parcels. As far as what would be good is premium mem
  5. Was impressed with the post. Thanks for showing us and not just telling us that you have been in world and have learned this or that. That hands on approach will win the hearts as well as confidence of many. Looks like you are off to a great start!
  6. Welcome Rod, When I read the Post title I was both pleased yet anxious as I clicked on the link to read, it not knowing if this announcement would be a disappointment or something positive. I am so thrilled to have read you are now CEO. Congratulations! Your previous work, work experience and, most notably, your views and the passion you still hold (that is conveyed in interviews) is the breath of fresh air that can take SL back to the dream we all know it can be! It will be intresting to sit back and watch what your focus will be and I look forward to what is to come! Again, welcome and
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