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  1. I remember earlier in the year it was stated that there would be changes in the Linden Homes. Has that change taken place and if so what is it? or If it has not taken place what will be the changes and when will it happen. Also, will the Linden homes be updated and possibly the way you pick out a home different. It would be nice if we could pick out homes next to our friends. Another suggestion and/or question would be could you have an underwater secion of Linden homes, for the community of people that live in and under the water? I think that's it for now. Thank you!
  2. I would like to know if the Teen Grid will ever come back. It seemed that once that grid was intertwined into the main grid the issues with the "G" "M" and "A" sims/regions started to increase. If the Teen Grid were to come back I think it would assist in allowing just General places to be sure that no adult material would accidentally be rezzed in the sim next door.
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