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  1. I just went through hades over the last couple of days trying to figure out why I was having the 'error 8' nvidia crash. Fortunately, we realized that if we rolled SL back to 2.7.2, and used that rather than the beta, that would be resolved. Now that I'm on 2.7.2, I'm seeing some of my alpha textures looking pixelated and fringy....aaand I realized it was one of the things that was driving me crazy during this particular build. Bangs on hair, and eyelashes are two of my most noticed culprits, but after reading this post, I tried turning anti-aliasing off, and they looked much better. Then I turned it back on, because I love me some smooth edges! What a quandry. Another thing I'm noticing is a thin line of what I think is transparency around my avatar, like a halo. It also occurs in the eyes, between the eyelashes and the cornea. It's more easy to notice in some lighting settings than other (in dim lighting it was particularly bothersome). If there's a way to alleviate that bug, I haven't figured out what it is yet. I'm thinking it's a side-effect of all the nifty light/shadows, though? Has anyone else seen this? From a distance, it can look almost like a dark border around your (or another's) av.
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