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  1. I would like to ask about The Constant throttling of Simulator Bandwtdth and Throttled Teleports and Issues such as reducing Physics capabilities have made a largeimpact on larger vehicles, especially those of larger size and weight can not cross sim lines without having misteleports and complete Teleport Failures. What purpose does limiting Physics for a small amount of users that use vechicles in Protected Sims? It has made the Purpose of having the Regions practically unusable. Physics changes have been hard on creators that use its values, and when those values go down, you kill builder
  2. Friendly Greetings Torley! looks like even you are not vunerable to the ruthing lag after log in..lol
  3. Microsoft and their ancient .dll files. Microsoft.. helping anti virus companies stay afloat since 1995.
  4. it could be, but soon 1.23 viewers will not work on SL. 1.23 is a Dinosaur and can not handle the front end of the new Technology. Nobody is going to delve into the mess of a compatible code for free, you aare looking at hundreds of hours of coding R&D to make a dinosaur work with the new technology. 1.23 is dying, and dying fast.
  5. Welcome Rod, looks like you are number two from Electronic Arts. I look forward to seeing great innovation from you and your fellow staff.
  6. I also believe people WIll GET OVER IT, just they will have to when Linden Labs Blocks ALL 1.23 Viewers in the upcoming months. Improvise, Adapt, Overcome, or are people just too damm stupid to do that.
  7. You dot, its called Adult and Moderate settings. Your asking the world, if you dont want everybody to be there, you need to set it as Moderate or Adult, STOP being a hypocrite!
  8. YES!!! ALL adult oriented profiles are suppose to be report abuse to Linden Labs.
  9. I wish you could read. It would keep Intelligent people from going insane. Quote; These Residents will not have access to inworld search or our Web-based Marketplace. so in words, They cant go searching profiles at random. Its Time for Sim owners to take responsibility for their sims.
  10. Only people that think SL is a Sex Game and a Sex Game only will think negatively on bringing teens in. These are people that no idea how big Second Life really is. I also see people that are too dumb to see what Second has as far as controls for regions. These are people that have never been an owner of a Sim or even a Parcel for that fact. Adults have their sims, go play there. If you do not want teens visiting your location , Flag is as Moderate or Adult and be on with yourselves, and quit harassing teens.
  11. 1.23 is a dying viewer. Soon.. it will be fully incompatible with Second Life. The code in 1.23 is a dinosaur. The only viewer that is actively supported is Viewer 2. Viewer 2 is also undergoing a substantial change. Mesh will not be allowed in any 1.23 viewer, the structure of the viewer will not support it. This also goes for name title changes, which were just implemented on some regions on the main grid. The only Third party viewers will be ones that use Viewer 2 code such as Kirstens, and possibly in the future, Imprudence. Watch Phillip Lindens keynote address, there is no hints, its
  12. Imagine what LL would do if the 5 biggest Estate owners had ALL of their sims turned off. thats a huge chunk of the grid. Things will be changing in other areas of SL first, starting with the removal of 1.23 viewer code, and its slated around !@#$% yeah right like I can disclose that info without getting in trouble. lol Once a few other changes allow it, the current pricing will not be as bad as it was, though, how many people outside riches countries able to afford them? Simple they cant. SL is very, very discriminatory, and they admit that openly!
  13. I hope people are ready to be forced into Viewer 2. The day is coming where 1.23 code will no longer be compatible with SL. Dont Believe me? There is already a LOT of Backwards compatibility code written in the Snowglobe 1.23 viewer which all 3rd party viewers are based from. I am just saying.. get ready. btw, these "new" changes... I already did that to my viewer a month ago. Nothing new to me, except the Planer Alignment function, although the button was there the entire time.
  14. You can always file an AR Abuse Report. I had that happen to me once, but was a much larger sum of 30,000L$. Thankfully, I knew the manager and got a refund in 3 weeks, to see if the sims were going to be under new ownership... a total of 30 sims... it never happened. Good Luck, best to only pay weekly, due to this event, if the manager will not allow, please explain your issue, and maybe work out something.
  15. I really wonder if they are going to revamp the entire Chat network. Is it me, or is voice chat also running low on performance? I am starting to see the same issues we had in Early 2009, where voice would break up and sometimes even quit all together after prolonged use. OI am also seeing a lot of Bad connections on initial Log In, where a relog must be performed to correct the issue.
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