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  1. "By all means go for the viewer that gives you the highest framerate if you like, but you can't see any difference in their visual performance because the human can't detect framerates above ~25. So the worst of your examples will be as smooth as silk to your eyes." Very true Phil but this difference also holds true in crowded and laggy sims for me also. It is a very noticeable difference between 5fps and 18 fps believe me. Also someone chimed in that Singularity is Snowglobe code based...which I did not realize...but the version I am using is not mesh enabled. Perhaps the most current
  2. Since the introduction of mesh viewers...be it the current LL Viewer or the Firestorm Release Viewer...my frame rates drop off the chart. So I wanted to go with a Viewer 2 style viewer that did not have mesh support and have been quite pleased with the Singularity Viewer. Actual frame rates I get in my no lag high altitude sky box home are as follows: Viewer 3 (LL current release..now called simply "Second Life Viewer") 35fps Firestorm Release Viewer 50fps Singularity (non mesh but Viewer 2 code based) Viewer 95fps So near double the fps with Singularity a
  3. No. It is a growing movement in human consciousness that is recognizing how we have been manipulated and controlled by those in power to their advantage only for much of human history. It has it's flaws but it also has great potential and I think this will become more evident over time. It is not political...hence no demands or ego driven demands. It is a leaderless evolution..something the likes of which have not been seen before in human history. At It's core I believe it will grow to be an ethical/Spritual movement that knows no borders but a shared humanity and a recognition of the n
  4. " Albert Camus thought the only important question was whether to kill yourself." I bet he wasn't a lot of fun at parties. ~Templus
  5. I am glad no one even mentioned the International Date Line. I'm confused enough already. :smileywink: ~Templus
  6. "I feel like we are hosting a porn conference on the Disney Channel. " ~Chelsea Malibu Minnie: "Oh Mickey, what a big cheese log you have. It even comes with nuts!" :smileyvery-happy:
  7. I agree Canoro. I grew up with Viewer 2 when I first logged into sl so I am quite used to it. I found it easy to learn on and rather intuitive for a newbie although different versions of the viewer have had their problems. Viewer 2 is fairly stable at this point. My current problem with V2 is not it's features or its interface. It is just very labor intensive on my laptop. I don't have a low end laptop either...although it is not the latest in the gaming laptop line. Running Core 2 Duo and dedicated Nvidia 260m graphics card on windows 7 OS. If you have a C
  8. Void if you ever teach a class inworld...I'm there! Thanks for your help. If this problem happens again I will at least have some idea of what to troubleshoot for.
  9. Jaylah: A few observations. During the upgrade process on Viewer 2 as it was downloading it did make changes to the "LSL Bridge" which I am guessing is the way Firestorm connects to the sl database. Perhaps this had something to do with reenabling tp's? In any event teleporting now working perfectly on both Viewer 2 and the Firestorm viewer. Huzzah!
  10. Jaylah: Oddly enough here is what worked for me. I have both Viewer 2 and Firestorm on my desktop and when I returned home from work logged into Viewer 2. Firestorm is my "go to" viewer most of the time but I keep Viewer 2 on just to see how it may have changed and for the mesh rendering when that gets more prevalent. All I did was download the latest Viewer 3 (I guess they are calling it that now) update and problem solved. Teleporting like a champ again. Don't know if that is applicable to your situation or not but good luck.
  11. I think "someone more knowledgeable" just spoke. Thank you Void. I am very good about scripts. Script counters always give my avatar raves reviews..I practically hear fanfare and trumpets. Have tried several outfits thinking that it might be an item in one of them causing the problem but apparently is not. Same crash each time. I expect sl will get on the "rolling restarts" bandwagon after the holidays.
  12. Jaylah: I am having the exact same problem as of 09/04/11. I have been using Firestorm Viewer for the most part but occasionally Viewer 2 and this error occurs on both. Both viewers load normally and I rezz normally in my home. I have noticed that in the "people" profiles no ones name is appearing and next to the icons it just keeps reading "loading." I can do anything perfectly as long as I don't try and tp. Change clothes, IM friends etc. The moment I go to tp anywhere, however, I am diconnected and get the black and white freeze treatment. Rebooting the viewer and then reboo
  13. "what if they are roleplaying someone without a heart?" Well then they would be a politician. You don't want to have a relationship with one of them.
  14. "LL is aimed at the common user experience, which is casual users and consumers" ~anna Acanthus I believe anna just hit the nail on the thead with the blunt impact fastening device. I would be willing to bet that content creators, builders and those talented people make up 10% or less of the sl world. They are over represented in forums such as this because they are the most involved with and active in sl and interested in learning all they can about the medium. Sl probably understands enough of the underlying psychology of the medium that they can take for granted these u
  15. Thank you Helium Loon. That is very reassuring to know. Was a bit worried about that issue as well.
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