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  1. Thank you Darrius: Yes to the above, and the reason I brought up transfer perms at all is I have a page of: "Unsellable item in folder, likely a permission problem (BrnSpRM TA LM TB HCG CG HO Ankh)" and thought at some point transfer perms were the only possible cause, because they are no copy, and until I ran across this thread. Silly d..... me, I actually thought this was something LL would include as a feature, single item, no copy by anyone items. Even thought of it as a given, how could I be so optimistic. Will pull out a magic box again and see if that will work still, and it was just the nature of that day, first DD day, that prevented me being able to use it at all. Thanks for discussing this reasonably, felt like I might have been missing the point for a few there. Regards, Shaman Till
  2. Ok, but still think you aren't getting it....have you ever done breedables? We who breed CANNOT COPY THESE! UNLESS we are the creators/originators of a particular breedable creation. As breeders, we can only breed an animal/plant/whathaveyou, we cannot copy it, we can breed a close copy, but in many cases, somewhere, somehow, there will be differences. Shift-clicking with these is out, totally and completely, it is against the perms of them. But I can give/trade/sell them inworld, and I could at least formerly, sell the individual, no copy by ANYONE, WHAT SO EVER, except the originator of the breedable. So is this the future of the Marketplace, that breedables will be left out, except to the companies/individuals who originated them? Was I incorrect that the magic boxes are no longer accepting new entries and submitting those to the Marketplace? I had tried mine shortly before I posted initially and was unsuccessful at getting the item to show under my items. I then ran across the info on DD and assumed that the magic boxes were being phased out, starting with no new submissions via them. Is this not going to be remedied? Because net result it's going to let a fair number of breeders who were/are selling on the marketplace up till now, out. The only items that will be left there from actual breakables will be what was loaded before the DD kicked in, then. And this then, is my point, that breedables, by individual breeders are being, at least currently excluded from the Marketplace.
  3. Ok, ty Darius, my main point was that NO breedable animal/plant/nest/egg/orb/what have you is COPY,. They can't be by their nature. The fact is that they are all unique, and the fun of breeding is that you can't spit out exacting copies, though a plantpet is pretty well indistinguishable from another within a certain type. The point is that the creators of such, don't allow it, and right now that is in conflict with the way the Marketplace is allowing the upload of new items. My question is when single unique, no copy items will be allowed? And for that matter, there are plenty within SL and the marketplace that are no copy anyway, often because they are also transfer, aside from breedables. Linden L:abs also loses it's five per fee for posting and sales of such items. Needs to be fixed and to my mind, should not have been rolled out before that was possible too.
  4. Thanks for this thread and the answers on it. It helps to know the current issues. And ter.....riff......ick,, truly, utterly......totally...really, I mean it. I was trying to use the magic box today to load in some new items, today, and they weren't showing up on the marketplace, listed or un. All my items are one of a kind, no copy, breedable animal nests, seeds, etc. I discovered the posts and info about DD, watched Torley's vid and was able to figure out how and where to load items into the merchant outbox. , I attempted to sync them with the marketplace and was getting entries in the error logs about permission, even though I enabled transfer perms on all the items. Not clear on why this was enabled before this issue was fixed, since I'm not the only one selling those type items on the marketplace. It would have made more sense to get it all set before disabling the magic boxes (at least mine wasn't working any longer to upload items). I'll watch for changes, and try another run at it tomorrow, but sounds like I've got a wait. Regards, Shaman Till
  5. Tries Grififin's suggestion and flies through the worst offender sim...and smiles big when the multiple dropdown storm doesn't happen. Ty Griffin, even after poking through that section of the menu myself had no clue that would fix it. Ahh, relative peace and freedom from other's silly ideas of how I should see their sims....grins Regards, Shaman Till
  6. Hey All: Ishtara- ty, didn't realize switching to daylight would negate the Windlight reset. On the brightness, ty, but no, mine is just fine for other uses. More than likely whoever set up that particular sim feature has a failing monitor and has set those settings on said monitor. Griffin-thanks, but no idea how to do that in Phoenix, poked around the Phoenix interface including advanced menu and no clues there. Kenbro & Marcus-I do ignore it usually, now. Part of my reasoned rant involves frequent dropdowns for changing said settings, particularly in market sim. I do resent being bugged, but might have business there. I don't think the owners often realize how distracting it can be for those trying to shop or work on their stalls. It then becomes a reason to leave as quickly as my business is done. My current settings are fine and breath taking enough. If their equipment has problem(s) such as I mentioned above, ie., a failing monitor when they set it up. Void Singer-Again, no idea how to turn off the feature. Can't simply mute the owner oftentimes, because it may be their merchandise I want to buy, or their equipment I want to interact with, but should not be bugged while doing it. Perrie-thanks...sounds like it usually isn't worth trying, which was my conclusion after the first experience. At very best would be hit or miss experience. My point was it isn't necessary at a market in my opinion and is problematic at very best, and distracts the viewers. Also let me point out computers and monitors are not uniform, in their capabilities or their condition. Not to mention current lighting or the room in which a user is viewing that in. And let's finally consider the three rules above for markets and sellers. Regards, Shaman Till
  7. Hey: Would love to stop the growing tide of attempts in markets to change my Windlight settings or anyone's for that matter. The settings for a particular computer and monitor are individual, and do NOT need to be reset according to someone else's standards. I did, in fact let one market do that months back. I was then blinded by the changes, due to an intensely bright screen and had to leave the market and change my settings back. I am now confronted by a growing number of markets and other places attempting to do so. Sometimes nagging me persistently. I would point out to such markets rule #1, Do NOT bug the customers, which includes renters and shoppers!! Rule #2 is see rule #1!!! It will not in fact necessarily make the settings and the view of your market/sim any better or classier, but may simply irritate others. Rule #3, btw, is do not repeatedly bug the customer during a single visit! Thank you all for listening we now return you to your regularly scheduled pet peeves, already in progress...
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