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  1. We have 16 lovely 4096 parcels to rent near enough to Toby's Juke Joint to access its 24/7 stream  should  you wish.





    These gorgeous grassy Island rentals at Dearest's Isle are run on the same lines of courtesy as operate in Toby's Juke Joint and all our businesses in Second Life.

    This is a residential sim only and NO commercial activities, stores or clubs may operate here

    Houses must be in keeping with the overall style of the sim and should not be so big that they fill a disproportionate area of your parcel

    This sim has been divided into 16 x 4096 square meter islands. Each is different with the same parcel size of 4096 and prim allowance of 936 prims.
    The rent is from 1750 per week to 1900 per week depending on location.

    Four parcels have access to sailing on the ArchiTech Design and Toby's Juke Joint neighbouring sims.
    We reserve the right to subdivide a small number of parcels into 2048 m.





    Once you have paid your rent in the rental box. It will turn into an alligator basking in the sea.
    Please contact Toby Howton or myself and we will sell the land to you for zero LD.
    You can request to terraform and set out the island to your own desire. We can help with terraforming if required.

    The islands are separated by narrow channels of water we request that you do not terraform you land right up to your neighbour, but leave a narrow dividing channel of water.

    Terra forming rights can be allowed temporarily on request or we will make adjustments under your direction.. Please terraform sensibly.

    There are to be no ban lines
    No signs or billboards
    Privacy screens or tall builds must be chosen with care and we reserve the right to request unsightly items to be removed.

    The new SL privacy setting will ensure privacy (in about land under OPTIONS . Just uncheck
    "Avatars on other parcels can see and chat with avatars on this parcel"..
    This means people will not see any avatars or hear or see chat on your parcel unless you invite them onto the parcel.
    Consequently there is no need for ugly land dividers as for the first time ever, you will have total privacy in your home and on your land.

    If you wish to use a security orb it must not operate outside your own parcel and, ideally should only be on when you are on the sim. Make sure you do not leave build on. The sim is perfectly safe without security orbs.

    If you do choose to use an orb you must add Toby Howton and Dearest Myrtle to the access list.

    Please choose houses with care to fit a grassy landscaped environment. We are always happy to discuss your choices with you.

    If you wish to choose a suitable home from ArchiTech Design, we will be happy to place it on your parcel at no cost. You will also find many landscaping items on sale there.

  2. 6400m  parcels  with 1650 prims  from 3000 to 3100 per week.........


    Full rights, landlord support and help

    We can provide a house for you.



    Panther 1_002.jpg This is our Jade House


    Panther_002.jpgYou can terrafrom your island to any shape  you like


    Panther_004.jpgNo hidden costs. we sell the land to you  for  ZERO.


    Panther 1_001.jpgWe can GUARANTEE total privacy.  Noone will ever see you on  your  island!


    Visit inworld and just click to pay your  rent...then contact Toby Howton  or Dearest Myrtle to formally take your new island.

    Or just come and look.....




  3. We are pleased to introduce our newest rental sim: Panther. It has been divided into 9 fabulous private islands.



    Panther 1_001.jpg


    All parcels are 6400m with 1650 prims

    Corners are 3100 LD per week

    Sea side parcels are 3050 LD per week

    The  central parcel is 3000 LD per week




    Full rights

    We can give you a free home from our rchiTech Design Store (house shown below is Jade House)




    We are always here to help

    Contact Toby or Howton or Dearest Myrtle after you have paid your rent.

    Or just come to visit!



  4. We are pleased to offer our new beautiful rental sim: Panther.

    The sim has 9 amazingly beautiful private tropical islands all surrounded by water.

    Total privacy guaranteed!




    All parcels are 6400m with 1650 prims

    Corners are 3100 LD per week

    Sea side parcels are 3050 LD per week

    The  central parcel is 3000 LD per week




    just click the rental box to pay your first weeks rent and IM Toby Howton or Dearest Myrtle.

    Feel free just to visit.


  5. We have two parcels reamining on our  sim......

    They are both surrounded by water and the sim has lots of open space for exploring.

    There is also sailing on our adjacent sim for tennants.

    The 4099 below has 936 prims and is 1750 per week.

    SES Parcel_004.jpg


    The 2048  below has 468 prims and is 875 per week



    Contact Dearest Myrtle or Toby Howton if you would like to see  either  parcel.


    The sim is  beautifullt  laid out as you can see bleow

    SES Parcel_005.jpg

  6. This lovely 4096 is 936 prims and 1750 a week on a gorgoeus sim with open space, sailing water all around  and access to the neighbouring sim's sea and  beach islands.

    SSE Parcel_001.jpg

    Benefits include:-


    Choice of house (or use your own)

    Total privacy under new SL options

    Access to Juke Joint Stream if required

    Friendly  and helpful community

    Access to adjacent sim for sailing

    Beautifully landscaped spaces to sit and  visit

    gorgeous sunrise and sunsets

    Come and check it out


    SSE Parcel_002.jpgSSE Parcel_003.jpgSSE Parcel_004.jpg

  7. Another gorgeous parcel is being offered for rent. This 4096 has 936 prims and is 1750 a week.

    It is on a fabulous sim ..with lots of  opens space and freedom.

    Come and check it out...........


    SES Parcel_002.jpgSES Parcel_003.jpgSES Parcel_004.jpg

    The next door sim is accessible to tenants for sailing and beaches. Choose your house and landscaping from the ArchiTech Design Store.

    Contact Dearst Myrtle or Toby  Howton

    SES Parcel_001.jpgSES Parcel_005.jpg


  8. This lovely 4096 adjoins the SW corner of the sim.......so has beautiful sunsets accross its beaches.

    With 936 prims at 1750 a week you will have an idyllic home on this beautiful sim which is the home of the famous  Juke Joint Blues Club.

    NWS Parcel_001.jpgNWS Parcel_002.jpgNWS Parcel_004.jpg


    Sail all around and inside the sim as there is plenty of open space.

    Sail on the adjoining sim and visit its beaches.

    Pick  a house and landscaping items from ArchiTech Design, our well known store, up to the value of 100 LD.

    with the new SL privacy settings, there is no need for high land dividers but trees and walls are welcome.

    Stream the Jukes DJ sets into your home if you wish.

    We  can let you terrafrom or help  you with it.

    NW Corner 4096_004.jpg



  9. This is a fabulous corner  parcel on the NW of Toby's new sim. The Juke Joint  club is in the  NE  corner  and, if you wish, you  can have  the blues streamed to your parcel.

    We are happy to terraform or let you do it. New tenants  get 1000 LD credit in Architech Design to buy a house and/or some plants and landscaping items.

    936 prims for 1750 per week

    NW Corner 4096_001.jpgNW Corner 4096_003.jpgNW Corner 4096_002.jpg

    You can sail and walk inside and all around the sim and visit the  free land areas  ,and, the neighbouring sim is accessible  for  sailing  and  beach islands.

    Contact Dearest Myrtle  or Toby Howton..or just visit!


    NW Corner 4096_004.jpg

  10. Toby's Juke Joint is now on its own sim and we have rentals on the  remaining land.

    Residents benefit by all parcels having access to the sea throgh open water, and, by having pleasant areas to explore on the sim. The adjacent sim is water and  beach islands and residents also have access to this for sailing and  exploring.

    Our rentals board provides a map of the sim and shows which parcels are available:-




    We have 4096 parcels available at 1750 a week for 936 prims


    Most have sea or access to the sea.......we can terraform or let you terraform

    Plenty otoby

    The sim is very pleasant and has a lot of open water and  land




    We have one corner parcel  left.....


    We have one 2048 at 875 per week  for 469 prims (below)



    If you wish to hear Toby's Juke Joint Stream on your  parcel just let  us know.



    Please contact Dearest Myrtle or Toby Howton for  a  Note card and further information. Feel free to visit at the slurl below for a wander...



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