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  1. Hello everyone, I'll be releasing my Vic at Carrollton Bay (~ 83 / 238) momentarily. I wish the next occupant well!
  2. Thank you, Sylvia, I will indeed search for relevant threads, and I've joined the group. If nothing else, if there are no such zones nearby, I can always rezz a vehicle on my front path, in between the house's porch landing and the street sidewalk, as it is large enough to do so. It's not ideal, perhaps, but it totally works! 😉 Thanks again! xx
  3. Perhaps a tiny bit off topic, but I am wondering about the nature of the common rezz areas. Specifically, how numerous are they, do they exist in every sim? If they do not exist in every sim, is there a plan that their layout adheres to such that they can be easily located (e.g: every other sim, staggered N>S in checkerboard fashion, etc.)? I really love driving here! However, my new Vic. (which I truly love and which I am very, very lucky to have nabbed), unlike some others, has neither a driveway nor an opening in the lovely, brick, front property boarder wall to otherwise create one.
  4. Got very lucky and was able to grab an oceanfront Pudding Vic! Yaayyy... beginner's luck!
  5. Thank you, Chloe! I understand completely; thanks for such a great & comprehensive explanation! ♥
  6. Thanks so much, Chloe. How does one easily & outwardly see that such an abandoned, and now Gov. Linden-owned parcel (Linden Home), has become available other than by opening the respective parcel's About Land window if red, floating text is only apparent for unreleased homes?
  7. I am very new to Linden Homes so this is perhaps a very silly question, but how does one know that a parcel has become abandoned? Is it that the floating red text appears in the parcel? It seems that, other than that and other than checking the "About Land" window for a parcel, there is no [other] way to know if a parcel has been abandoned and/or become available. Thanks tons!
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