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  1. Hi, thanks for answering. No, I have not tried logging in at several different locations. Doubt I can do that, my tower weighs a ton (or so it feels, when I lift it up). I think I may have fixed this problem another way. I have one of those drives split in two partitions: the standard relatively small one for the Windows OS software and a much larger one for data files. I have a big inventory (many years on SL--it kind of collects) and the texture cache is, by default, located in the small, crowded C partition. I read in another thread it can be moved anywhere, so tonight I had the applica
  2. I get this message all the time now. Even after I've tried solutions like the above. Heavier traffic on SL due to covid-19?
  3. Thank you to every who posted in this thread. It _really_ helped me. I was baffled why this was happening.
  4. Adding more troubleshooting info: I also installed silverlight, using a version of Internet Explorer I keep around for that sole purpose. Things did seem better. But when trying to add a comment about this, the second horrible symptom of these second life freezes occurred: My entire PC and all applications I was trying to use, like my web browser to type this comment, also froze. Alt-tab, ctrl-alt-del to bring up task mgr, none of these "get out of the frozen app" tricks worked. I've hard booted about 12 times today. So disabling voice didn't solve my problem although it let me function a
  5. Thank you VERY much for all the technical details in this thread. I was having similar problems (screen completely freezing shortly after entering populated/high avatar density sims and trying to cam around to see things). I tried all the usual fixes (drastically lowering graphics settings, moving my cache to a less crowded drive partition, etc.) This happened on Firestorm and the main SL viewer: there was no difference in performance between the two. Like Miumiu, I suspect the connection. My problem is occurring during the coronavirus pandemic--I saw lots of articles online about how Second
  6. Thanks for the firestorm tip, Whirly Fizzle. I was having this problem too, it was very hard to play the game or have a good time, and your suggestion worked.
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