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  1. Login to post on a public forum is the normal thing, it helps keep spammers out. Also one should not put things in them that one does not want everyone to see, since the point of public forums is to publicly discuss things. Login to browse forums are usually very annoying to use since normal search does not work on them and their built in search is usually usless which makes finding something you need on it a long boreing process.
  2. I doubt it has much to do with it except for maybe a general panic reaction to any government legislation involving the internet that could be warped into an unrecognizable monster by opposition cliques before it actually sees daylight as a law and bite the industry as a result. Nothing about the function seems to be directly applicable to the legislation as it stands now, LL does not collect and save online data using it, especially not in a personally identifiable way. While others could possibly use it to record avatars online hours it really is not very accurate in that role and it does
  3. It is true that there is a delay with this function of up to a half hour for online status change to be detected, but it is usually much faster (mostly within five or ten minutes). Even in the case of a half hour it is not a problem for delivery because most people do not seem to cap in the first half hour after they log out unless something is rapidly sending them things (like the test script) so the delivery should get there under the wire. The delay is even a help when it comes to delivering things on login since it gives the customer a little time to start clearing messages before dumpin
  4. If it was simply a matter of 'fixing' the function so it would read online status by the way it was set rather than by a persons true status then it would not be quite so bad, but official word is (do to the way SL is programmed) that is not an option; it is either leave it as is or break it entirely and completely. Leaving it be is far less disruptive than getting rid of it, there is a huge number of scripts that depend on it and there is no viable alternative to the function that does not require brute force methods with bots or outside servers to automate. SL is getting laggier all the t
  5. Knowing if someone is online or not is irrelevent to security, the same information can be gotten by simply IMing the person and looking at the reply, if they are offline then the servers says so. Bots can do that just as well as human users and can track someones online status just fine without the LSL function. Likewise removing features from ligitimate viewers has no effect on hardcore griefers since they do not use ligitimate viewers, they use ones with spying and attack tools that no legal viewers use and fool the server into thinking they are a ligitimate one. Bots can log on and check
  6. This whole rediculous issue could be resolved with no coding at all, just a change to the EULA stating that SL is a social enviornment and to not expect to be able to creep around invisibly. The busy flag is enough to tell friends that someone is not able to chat at the moment, there is no need for angst-causing skulduggery like masking logins. The Data_Online restriction will not hamper griefers at all and neither will restricting legitimate TPVs since persistant griefers usually use illegal rigs that are just masquerading as other viewers, especially ones that apperently track the person ac
  7. Here it is, i did not think it would be there for so long intact like that instead of being changed to just a database entry somewhere As you can see i did complete the mesh tutorial so the failure to list it in my dashboard as being done is definately a bug.
  8. My account still says that billing information is ok but that i need to take the ip test which i took and passed quite a while ago.
  9. I am also having the same problem, i passed the tutorial weeks ago but still it says i have to take it.
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