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  1. Premium only sandboxes are not a bad idea at all!  I'm not one to shower LL with praise but that is a quite nice idea and not a bad perk at all. 


    For established residents, crochety old pirmbags like myself, these might not be a big selling point.  We already have nice quiet places to build and more swag than we know what to do with.  For a new resident, just starting out, these will be a major perk and not really cost the lab that much to offer and maintain.


    Kudos, LL.  I will doubtlessly get annoyed with you again but I think you did good here.



  2. Welcome,

    I wish you luck in your new endeavor here.  I wonder what you have in store for us.  I have a pretty good idea what we have in store for you... srry about that...

    We rarely agree on much, but we all have one thing in common.  We really like this place.  SL is a great deal of fun and despite more than a few things that you will hear about in detail many many times no doubt, there is enough good stuff and great people to keep even the most cynical of us logging in.

    There is still a great deal of potential in this old rickety platform.  I wish you luck it finding it.

  3. I actually do agree about the age verification.  It is not fool-proof (or more precisely clever-proof).  I have said so myself several times.  However, I still believe that a majority of the people who are age-verified are indeed who they said that they were.  At least enough of them are who they say that they are to make any statement that they are "anonymous" to be essentially false which was the point I was trying to make.  I am not saying that the age-verification system is a good system.  I'm saying that most people using it are most likely being honest since it is easier to use their information than not.  It is decent enough identity verification but does not serve well as a "bouncer" checking id's.

    As far as the "sex-trade" (masturbation trade is more like it) goes, it would almost be better if it did give us a "dirty" reputation than the "no reputation" that we have now.  I do occasionally mention that I am into SL from time to time.  To be honest, for every person who looks at me and says "Isn't that a sex game?"  I get many many more confused looks and "What's SL?" or worse "Yeah, I heard about SL... Is that still around?".  In the early days if the internet I got "I'm not interested in the internet.  I am not into porn." much more often than I get the same now with SL.  The porn laden reputation of the internet did not exactly slow it down much did it?

    You mention other grids.  I'm a fan of one of them myself.  But my question was what does this entire "Virtual Worlds Technologies", to borrow a phrase from Nany, offer the "business world"?  What can it do better, cheaper, or more reliably  than anything else can do?  I have tried and I really can't come up with anything.

    The reason why I embarked on this little tangent was to address the whole "Adult content makes us look bad and that's why there isn't more investment here." arguement.  I put forward that there is no investment here because there is nothing to invest in.  The only revenue stream that this place and those who try to make a buck here have to look forward to is the one they already have, the existing residents who come here for entertainment (or to gratify some urge... creative or otherwise).

    If LL (and SL) wants to prosper, then it needs to take care of the only revenue stream it ever really had, its existing customers.  Once they lost sight of that, things went... well where they are now.

    Until they "get it", it won't get any better.

    The whole adult content debate was raging (or at least simmering) long before the teens showed up.  It's a shame that some of the same crusaders are now snatching up the minors to use as tools to further their own agenda.  I have tired of the teen issue as well and have already made the adjustments that I need to in order to enjoy SL after their introduction.  I do think that it's a bad idea poorly implemented, but that's LL these days.  Their slogan should be "Bad ideas poorly implemented".

    I am not a huge fan of adult content.  I am however a big fan of SL.  I view the attacks on adult content yet another "attack" upon yet another segment of my fellow residents, the only real support SL has now and probably ever will.  We aren't exactly "doing great" as it is.  How many more disruptions of any part of our customer base that numbers over a few hundred strong can we survive?

    That is why I tend to push back when I hear the whole "adult content is holding us back" line of crap and will continue to do so.  Poor businessmen and bad designers would rather blame their lack of success on the fact that someone else is having fun here than on the real reason for their failures.  LL seems to be inclined to do the same.  If they do somehow manage to successfully "sanitize" SL, who are they going to blame then?  Oh, don't worry.  They will find someone.  They always do.


    People get fired for getting caught with porn on an office computer all the time even if it costs their employer money to fire them.  I don't have to look up examples of that for you. You can do it yourself.



    Furthermore, it isn't good money.  Do you have a job that pays you more than US$10K per year?  Do you think anyone would pay you that much without knowing your legal name?

    You can't conduct business that generates good money anonymously.  To conduct business that generates real money, contracts need to be enforceable and tax collectors need to be satisfied they are getting their cut.  You can't do that with a business that everyone involved in is ashamed to admit they are associated with.

    SL sex trade is not good money.  It is a burden and a hinderance that no one wants to be associated with, not even its own merchants and customers.

    Who is generating money anonymously?  The real sex-trade requires age verification and the merchants have payment information on file.

    The porn on the office computer example is irrelevant.  Someone surfing for porn on his employer's time and on his employer's equipment is committing any number of ethics and security violations.  How does that pertain to a discussion of the "sex trade" in SL (I will let that gross exaggeration slide for now) where the participants are either merchants, who have their payment info on file and therefore not "anonymous" and their customers, who we can assume are on their own time and on their own equipment?

    We can poke holes in the age verification system if we want but the vast majority of folks probably used their own information to register.  Most age verified folks are in there legitimately.

    You repeatedly claim that adult content is a burden and a hindrance, but you have done nothing to support that.  And you refuse to provide an example of business avoiding an otherwise profitable technology because of "adult content" because quite simply there isn't one.

    You brought up an employer firing an employee for porn at work even though it might cost them a buck or two as an example of business abandoning a technology because it is dirty.  Not the same thing.  Now if you can find me a business that turned off all of its computers and shipped them off because they found porn on one of them then it would.  Of course you won't find that because it makes no sense.  I would even settle for a business divesting itself of all internet under the same circumstances.  Again, that scenario is laughable.  It's as laughable as the argument that you are trying to support.

    If "Virtual Worlds Technologies" were the next big thing and SL was too "dirty" for someone to set up shop here, why then did one of these large enterprises not set up their own VR?  The answer is because it is not profitable to do so.

    I have a question for you?  Name me one thing that is possible here from a business standpoint that can't be done anywhere else.  Name one thing where there isn't already an application in place that does it better, cheaper, and more reliabily than SL ever could.


    I suspect it isn't the teens Linden Lab or its successors wants to do business with.  It is people who are not hiding behind anonymity.  People who are not ashamed to be associated with what they say and do are the ones who make a real difference in the world.

    People who are involved in the sex trade in SL hide behind anonymous accounts. But Linden Lab employees are not anonymous.  What happens in Second Life reflects on their real world identity and career.  They don't want to be associated with the sex trade any more than the people who are participating in it do. 

    There are a lot of objectionable ways to make money.  But Linden Lab may well decide that the costs of being involved in the sex trade outweigh the benefits.

    Um.... people who are actively involved in the sex trade have to age-verify.  Someone making money regardless of how has to have good payment info online in order to cash-out.

    Look, SL doesn't have a "seamy" or "tawdry" reputation anymore.  It has a "necrotic" one.  The media is not saying that SL is sex riddled, it's saying that it's dead in the water.  That's why business is reluctant to invest here.  No business is going just to throw money down a hole, no matter how attractive "virtual worlds technologies" are to some people.  An endowment in the business of giving away money might toss some down a hole like SL, sure.  Giving away money is their "business".  Don't confuse that with a for-profit enterprise deciding that there is a point to SL.  Are any of them actually left?

    Phone-sex does not put business off of using the phone.  A deluge of porn did not keep business from heavily investing in the internet.  Vivid entertainment did not make Disney shy away from DVD's (or VHS for those who remember them).  People "parking" on some scenic overlook did not make Domino's stop using cars to deliver pizza.

    Give us one example, just one, of some otherwise profitable technology being abandoned by profit hungry businesses just because it was a little tawdry.

    If SL was a place for real business to make real profit, then they would be here.  Blaming the SL "sex-trade" for the lackluster performance of SL as a whole is just plain silly.

  6. See, Nany?  This is how it's done.  This person did a fantastic job of supporting your position and lays out a good progression of logical statements supporting your premise.

    For the record, Harmony, I think you are mostly spot on.  With adult content driven entirely into Zindra, Making it it's own grid and having SL Disney World as a separate product could be done simply.  I think a completely sanitized mainland is now inevetible.

    The only thing that does not work for me is that the senior people are leaving and there is still no announcement of a sale.  From what I've seen IRL (sadly I've been through more than one buyout) is that a lot of the brass sticks around to assist in the transition and then leave after the sale.  Big layoffs in the mid and mid-upper ranks make sense, but now two head honchos gone and no announcement?

    Still, you make a lot of sense.


    my guess is

    1.  It's not going to be LL any more.

    2.  It's not going to be Adult content any more.

    3.  It may not even be SL any more.

    4.  The key decisions have already been made.

    Ah, Nany....

    You have repeatedly conjured up the above statements but each time I ask you to support them you fail to conjure up any evidence of any sort to back them up.

    So, once again I ask you why do you think that this will be the case.  And what, pray tell, are the "key decisions" that you are talking about?

    You are big on fluff and really low on substance.  What have you seen in your crystal ball that makes you think this way today?

    Conjure us up some details.


    Cabbage Acanthus it is not as easy as you make it out. Will someone be able to file charges on a person in another country?  I doubt that Japan will extridite one of their Nationals for such.

    Question would not California law apply since that is where the servers are located?  Mississipi can take a flying frack as far as I am concerned, crummy neocons!

    Those are good questions, but not answers.

    "Will someone be able to file charges...?"

    "Would not California law apply....?"

    The burden of effort it would take for me to find out for certain one way or the other is far too much for me to worry with.  It is a lot easier for me to simply go through my landmarks and delete all the G rated ones.  There is plenty of SL left on the M regions so that I can still have an enjoyable time here.  I will let someone else set the precedents while I enjoy the M and A rated regions of SL as if the whole mess does not exist.

    Because for me, it no longer does.  I can easily enough avoid it.


    Second Life sex is not sex it is nasty talking at worse. Like the old phone sex of years gone by.

    About the Linden TOS, Linden Labs is only a company and not an governmant.

    About the safety of teens, adults are out there in the real world. Second Life is only one other means to contact them. All of this worry about sexual perverts is making yet another fracture in the community. Studies have shown the vast majority of such comes from family or close family members.

    A better solution would be more education of children about what is correct contact with an adult.

    It's not just sex one has to be concerned about.  "Contributing to the delinquency of a minor" can apply to any encouragement or enticement (and a lot of places have a lot of leeway on this) to commit any illegal act (including truancy) or placing a minor in proximity to any criminal activity.  This is a lot easier to do than one would think.  (file sharing, music downloads, a discussion on how to get a show that isn't available in your country, any discussion of alcohol that does not sound like an afterschool special, etc.)  A lot of the "normal" discussions between two adults could indeed qualify (like how to get a speeding ticket "fixed" for example)

    Yes, I think a lot of this is chicken-crap.  But it's not my opinon that matters is it?  While an outraged parent might not be able to press charges because someone said that God was a joke, or that college was overrated or that family planning methods aren't the Devil's work, or that (insert political affiliation here) is stupid that does not mean that the discussion prior to or following what really ticked them off couldn't be brought to bear.

    Unless someone is a teacher or some other professional well versed in communicating around teens and is fully prepared to act in that capacity on their own time in a leisure activity like SL then they might want to consider carefully whether or not they want to hang out with teens here.

  10. I think the copybot situation will work itself out in relatively short order.  The only reason that it got as bad as it did was that there was no consequences for it on the TG (Nice move LL).  That will certainly not be the case on the MG.

    People do look for it and will bust people for it.  Where it is going to really be a problem is with the content creators.  I will be far less likey to buy something if I believe that it is going to disappear after one portion of it winds up being inappropriately obtained and incorporated.  My advice to any of you guys is to make everything from scratch unless you know the source of any full perm bit in your toolbox.


    ...There are plenty of 13-15 year olds that contribute quite a bit, and I don't think it's a good decision to cut them off.


    I agree 13 to 15 year olds would have a lot to contribute.  For me, it's about their safety.  I would like for them, and the 16 to 19 year olds, to have an age appropriate world.

    Second Life is an adult world, an experiencial world.  For me,  it's morally wrong to let teens in.  It is a disservice to them.  There's way too much adult content for someone their age (and I don't mean just the sexual content). Teens can  too easily pretend to be adults and access adult relationships with  adults.  It is beyond inappropriate to open SL to teens.

    My Second Life is ruined.  Not sure what I'm going to do.

    I appreciate the discussion everyone.

    There are several emerging grids out there that are quite promising.   Several of them have voiced a comittment to remaining 18+.

    None of them have the depth of content or are as big as SL, but if you are leaving anyway....

    There are VERY FEW PG sims that do not share at least ONE border with a Mature sim, or have a mature sim less than one sim away. Adjust your draw distance, and you can see 2 sims away. Plenty of ADULT content on mature land. Just look around.

    I double checked just now. I was standing in a PG sim and could see everything going on in the neighboring mature sims and beyond that too.

    Which is why I think a lot of people are going to leave the mainland altogether.  If I had not already abandoned my mainland parcels before, I sure as heck would now.

    It's going to get really interesting really quickly.


    Today's TOS update has opened the door to the teens regardless of all of the childish tantrums being thrown by the "adults".  I am sure the Lindens reading this blog had some lulz.

    I can understand why the merge is happening. The map is filled with empty sims that no one is buying and it makes sense to close up the smaller grid and fill up the empty spaces on the larger grid.

    I do not understand why there is so much panic and hysteria over the teens coming to the main grid. Keep the sex out of the PG sims and in the adult parcels like the TOS requires you to do. Then there is nothing to worry about.

    If the only way you think there could be trouble as a result of an interaction between a minor and an adult is "adult content" related, you  might just be in for an unpleasant shock.  I have tired of bringing up all of the other things that could go wrong and leave you to your fate.  I would recommend looking into what constitutes "contributing to the delinquency of a minor" on your own.  Doubtless you will laugh this off.  Hopefully others won't.

    If the mainland is already full of empty land, what do you think is going to happen once people start leaving the M rated mainland parcels for good and head to estates, Zindra or just leave altogether.  The teens couldn't keep 40 sims running.  What do you think they are going to do for the entire mainland?

    Most adults that really support the teen merger have an angle.  What's yours?


    The difference between the main grid economy and teen grid economy is that the teen grid economy doesn't exist. Owning a sim is near impossible here without support from your parents and/or a part time job in real life. You have mass copybotting among other things to thank for that.

    One good thing for you guys is that the copybot problem will get knocked back hard.  There is a fair amount of vigilance on that issue as we have covered before.

    It might open up some breathing room for teen content creators.  It's hard to compete with stolen merchandise.

  15. One of the nice things is that SL is scalable.  If the TG was packed with paying customers, why did they not add a few sims?

    Oh, and I meant to ask.  You mentioned that the economy on the TG was different from the MG.  How so?

    And I hate to be the one to say it, but you just described the MG mainland where you are heading except that I guess you could buy a larger parcel if you wanted and felt like coughing up the tier.


    Multiple Reasons. Teens are on the MG no matter what, seperating them doesnt change much.

    Theres no real reason to have a seprate Teen grid when there is PG(general) land on the Main grid. Im sure LL wants to expand and accept more users into SL (screaming about group chat and inventory here is BS LL have made tons of improvements to the server code and much more is planned, clearly they are fixing things) and allowing teens into the "Actual" SL is one way to do that.

    If you cant figure out why LL is doing this then just stop trying, please.

    "Multiple Reasons" does not answer my question.

    How is allowing a handful of teens who couldn't generate enough income to justify the TG going to help expansion?  If there was a thriving teen community, there would still be a TG.

    The implication that someone who indulges in a little SL romance from time to time runs around with a strap on and propositions every single person that they meet is so off base as to be laughable.  Either these people aren't on the MG much or they are so woefully undeveloped socially as to be worthy of pity.  The vast majority of tier paying folk here aren't sexed up perverts.  Since there are a lot fewer consequences to their actions in SL, they may be more likely to have a "hook up" than in RL but they aren't running around inappropriate areas with their stuff hanging out.  If you think that is the norm then I suggest leaving the welcome areas and taking a walk through the real grid.   There are a lot of people who have a sex bed in the residence that they pay rent or tier for but only use it with people that they are in a relationship with.  As to why they do that in SL instead of RL, well you will just have to ask them.  But you need to remember that they are the majority here and they built this world and they keep it running.  Take away the reasons they have to pay all that tier and any illusions that the teens and the puritans can keep this place going on their own will be bitterly dashed.

    Cabbage, I'm confused, in the same paragraph you say that "The vast majority of tier paying folk here aren't sexed up perverts." and "But you need to remember that they are the majority here and they built this world and they keep it running." Which is it?

    I was making the distinction between someone who partakes of some adult content and SL sex and someone who is a sex mad freak that runs around propositioning everyone they meet.

    The majority that I was talking about were your adult residents that do upon occasion, usually with a limited number of partners (or one) that they know quite well, partake of the adult content available here in SL.  Those people that do follow the TOS and pay their tier and made the content here and keep this place in business are the ones that I am talking about.  I wouldn't call them sexed up perverts like many like to stereotype anyone who isn't just peeing themselves with joy at the thought of the teens showing up.

    I agree with the rest of your post.  I think the teen population serves no real purpose (except as vanity or to keep them from going to the rapidly proliferating teen centered VR's out there) and as you said, they are just an encumbrance on a MG that is already stretched thin and showing signs of real distress.



    @anyone who thinks it is a neccasry move that was going to happen no matter what: Glad someone understands.


    Please, if you would, tell us exactly how this is a necessary move for LL?  In fact, I would settle for you answering how this benefits LL or the established, paying residents of the MG one bit.

    We've been trying to figure out why the heck LL would do something this boneheaded for months.  If you know how this is "necessary" please enlighten us.



    Here's a rule of thumb, in Second Life, when you meet new people, act like you would in RL.  Don't wander around the mall with a strap on, don't go up to strangers and say "wanna have sex?".  Personally, I feel that if you follow basic rules of civility there's nothing to worry about.

    My thoughts on this exactly. If sex is the big evil keeping the teens  from being able to use Second Life, then get rid of the fake sex. If you are adults then use some of your social skills(if you have any) to meet someone and go out on a real date.. This is a no brainer.


    That's an overly simplistic view of how things work around here.  I certainly hope that you are just indulging in a little bit of rhetoric and aren't actually that naive.  If you actually want the teens around, the last thing you want to do is try to set up a situation where the Lindens have to choose between adult content and the small number of teens that will actually be coming across.

    During the last big push to clean up, don't you think that if they could get rid of all adult content in SL and survive they would have?  There are a whole lot of tier paying residents who like SL just the way it is, adult content and all.  LL made a whole continent devoted to adult content.  It is an integral part of the whole thing here.

    I think you misunderstand the situation a bit.  The teen grid was no longer viable and LL had to can it.  That means that the teens are not a financially self supporting population.  If they were, the TG would still be around.  That's the no brainer for you.

    That's all we know for sure.  I think that it is more likely that LL is both trying to preserve possible future growth and the teen market share by trying to fold them into the MG, whose population is bringing in enough to keep the lights on.  They are also offering the teens a way to legitimately enter the MG to possibly prevent a wholesale assault on a age verification system that is well.. sort of flaccid.  How many alts does Elvis Presley have on the grid again?

    I think they are betting on the teens not making a big enough impact on the MG and that things will blow over once everything is a done deal.  I'm not so sure that is going to happen.  One thing I am sure of is that LL is a business and SL is run for profit.  If it comes down to a choice between preserving a teen population that could not even support their own mini-grid and keeping enough of the paying adult population in place, I think that will be a no brainer also.

    All of you people who like to make the "Why don't they just get rid of SL sex?" or "the teens coming means that LL has decided to get rid of adult content" and all of the variations on this rather repressed sad little theme had better hope that it does not come down to an ultamatum style choice between will LL keep the teens or will they keep adult content.  Well, not if you actually want the teens to stay around that is.

    The implication that someone who indulges in a little SL romance from time to time runs around with a strap on and propositions every single person that they meet is so off base as to be laughable.  Either these people aren't on the MG much or they are so woefully undeveloped socially as to be worthy of pity.  The vast majority of tier paying folk here aren't sexed up perverts.  Since there are a lot fewer consequences to their actions in SL, they may be more likely to have a "hook up" than in RL but they aren't running around inappropriate areas with their stuff hanging out.  If you think that is the norm then I suggest leaving the welcome areas and taking a walk through the real grid.   There are a lot of people who have a sex bed in the residence that they pay rent or tier for but only use it with people that they are in a relationship with.  As to why they do that in SL instead of RL, well you will just have to ask them.  But you need to remember that they are the majority here and they built this world and they keep it running.  Take away the reasons they have to pay all that tier and any illusions that the teens and the puritans can keep this place going on their own will be bitterly dashed.

    I suggest you spend your time trying to figure out how everyone can co-exist here and not spend it anticipating a situation that will not be good for anyone in the end.

  20. Well, short term, you guys could limit access to the combat areas.  Make them only accessible to certain groups so that it becomes harder for people likely to report you guys to "witness" the violations.  Aren't some entire sims coming across with you guys?  Still not entirely "proper" to be sure.

    I agree, SL should just make one small adjustment and a major headache goes away.

  21. Yep, those are the boobies that I was referring to.  For the record, I am with you on the whole sex is obscene and violence is ok thing.  It makes no sense.  But we all know that is the way that it is in a lot of the world and has been for quite some time.

    Even if it is the "rules" it does not make it any less strange.  That being said, I still think LL should allow the teens to wargame on the MG though.  It's would prevent oh so many problems if they did.

    The current cultural values at least where LL lives say that it's ok to let teens pretend to kill from a distressingly early age but they can't pretend to screw until they are of the age of majority.  We should just go with the flow and "cry havoc and let rez the pups of war."

    It will go easier for everyone if we did.


    Well then my apologies for this small misunderstanding.

    I suppose this may be another reason why the creation of fake adult accounts will increase.


    Hopefully it won't come to that.  The current rating for violence in part reflects the tastes and desires of the current population that likes the General rated sims.  It really hasn't been that big of a deal before now because "we are all adults" on the MG and anyone who wants to indulge in a little wargaming can enable and access an Adult rated area if they wanted to.  By limiting simulated violence to the A areas, it keeps the sort of person who now enjoys the general rated areas from being exposed to it.

    I think that with the introduction of the teens, this needs to be addressed.  There are probably a lot of teens who will happily stay in the G rated areas if they can enjoy the same SL experience that they are currently enjoying right now.  It's obviously ok with LL and with the teens and their parents that they can blow themselves to pieces in a region that should be even more restricted than the G rated areas in the "adults only" MG.  Who are we to object as long as they keep it to certain easily avoided areas.

    I would propose "grandfathering" violent content on the teen owned sims that are being migrated over or perhaps adding yet another darn rating to the mix (General, violence acceptable or PG-13 or whatever) to allow for graphic violence without boobies.  If it was allowable for the teens before, it should be now.  And "planting a deer crop" of violence allowed General rated sims will prevent en-masse assaults on a rather flaccid age verification system.  I would like to see an army of Elvis impersonators do battle with a battalion of soccer moms who let their ID's out of their sight for a minute myself but it might not be the best thing for SL as a whole.

    If the teens are willing to stay in the G areas we should meet them halfway on this.

    I think this is more of yet another missed detail in getting ready for the merger.  One wonders how may other "little details" have been missed.  It is clear that LL is still completely unprepared for this merger and is still hell-bent on doing it.  I wonder what the consequences will be for all involved.

  23. Well, that is good to know.  On the bright side, it looks like the Lindens only drop the banhamer on the originators but I think more than a few teens' inventories will be savaged in the end.  I do expect the "copybot police" to be out in full force with the new year.

    What about people who distribute either knowingly or unknowingly copybotted content?  For instance someone who handed out (or sold) a copybotted item to all of their friends?  Would that teen just get their inventory purged or would they get the hammer?

    Yeah, it's going to be pretty ugly and I resent LL casting the adult community in the role of enforcer on this issue.  There are probably going to be a lot of hurt feelings and perhaps a few relatively innocent teens getting the permaban in the first few months of the merger.  The divide this will cause between the teens and the adult community won't make the transition any easier.  Teens will have very good reason to believe that any adult just hanging about in "their turf" is trolling for copybot violations and adults will start to view every teen as a shoplifting miscreant who should be inspected for copybot violations because there is a good chance that one will be found.

    Yep, it's going to be fireside songs and s'mores all around.


    That's... definitely going to be a problem. Most people here try to match up to the "main grid standard" quality of products. I myself have been getting into creating sculpted avatars and clothing. If someone is falsely reported for "suspicion" of copybot, would sending in copies of things like blender3D files or psd files to the support portal help lift a ban?


    I have not been involved directly in the copybot drama either as an accuser or as the accused.  I've been around the issue and had an acquaintance go down for it (they were guilty).  Usually it happens when someone recognizes a particular item from what I understand.  I don't think you would be accused just because your stuff is up to MG standards (or better).  If you created it, you should have nothing to worry about.

    You use blender?  That crap hurts my head...  Kudos.


    You might want to sanitize your inventories before the  merger because there are a whole lot of folks that have absolutely no  sense of humor about that sort of thing.  Otherwise nice normal people who would otherwise "be on your side" will transform into slavering rabid berserkers over the copybot.  It's  kinda fun to watch.

    That really is hard to do. At some point or another, a stolen or frankensteined item bubbles up from the depths of your inventory. Just yesterday, I found I had a copybotted scarf and some copybotted Converse Pornstar shoes even ater i had already gone through my inventory twice deleting stolen items.


    AR's on the MG are an odd thing.  There is no clear standard or uniform enforcement and it quite often boils down to which Linden is reviewing the AR and how they are feeling the second they review it.  One person might get a warning, someone else will get permabanned under the exact same circumstances.  I once had my account suspended for calling someone a "douchebag" (they were a linden's pet it turns out).  That being said there tends to be a zero tolerance sentiment on the copybot.  If someone who is still following this thread has some details on what they look for and how they handle an AR on this issue I hope they come forward with some useful info.

    It's as much LL's fault as anyone's for letting it get this bad.  If it is as endemic as you say it is they had to know about it and turned a blind eye to the situaton for whatever reason.  This is another of those things that they should have taken care of well before now if they actually gave a crap.  They let this problem really get out of hand it seems.  That really shouldn't surprise anyone.

    I suspect that this issue will cause the biggest rift between our respective cultures.  I can't overstate how touchy an issue this is for a lot of folks.  It really pisses people off.  There are people who actually do walk around inspecting folks looking for this sort of thing from what I understand.

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