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  1. I have been in and out of SL since since 1. I have seen it at its highs and lows and for some reason even though my RL is much more busy these days, I still find time for it. It's just a way for me to get away from everything of the day and decompress. I have a love for music... A very deep love. I would say it's really what makes me... me. With that said, I love many types of music. Classic rock, rock, gothic, very little country, but a very strong love for hiphop. At my core, hiphop is what drives me, gets my creative juices running, brings out emotion, etc. One thing I have noticed fo
  2. Good morning! Wow.... Been a long time since I have done this :-) I have been in SL for years. I still even have pictures dating way back and NO, I will not show them, lol. Oh how things have changed. There are 2 things that will just never leave SL and that is sex and nightclubs. I have watched from the days of Area54 where the club was open and really no detail to Bad Girls where it was taken to a new level and then GOL. None of these clubs exist today but, were the top clubs in SL for many years. What I also enjoyed about the nightclubs in SL outside of the music and people was the fac
  3. To all who create clothing for mesh such as Adam in SL please do me one favor! The clothing produced to date is outstanding in quality, fit and price. I can not say enough about that. The only thing that is driving me completely nuts though are belts. I am begging all creators of mesh clothing, please, please, please make it so the belt on the jeans are optional or there is version includes with no jeans or some method to hide it. I have some really nice jeans I have purchased from multiple creators for Adam clothing and they all seem to have this issue. If you are shirtless or wear a tuc
  4. VooDoo DESIGNS is throwing a HUGE welcome back to the grid sale - Today ONLY Visit our Marketplace Store at https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/6916 Get any prefab design from our huge collection for only 500L! Plus special prefabs have been marked FREE for the day! VooDoo DESIGNS has been the leader in nightlife prefab designs since 2006 and after a 5 year break, we are back. Celebrate with us and pick up one of our incredibly detailed prefabs for only 500L today only or grab a free one. Thank you for supporting VooDoo DESIGNS - The Artistic ~ENVY~
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