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  1. I have been in and out of SL since since 1. I have seen it at its highs and lows and for some reason even though my RL is much more busy these days, I still find time for it. It's just a way for me to get away from everything of the day and decompress. I have a love for music... A very deep love. I would say it's really what makes me... me. With that said, I love many types of music. Classic rock, rock, gothic, very little country, but a very strong love for hiphop. At my core, hiphop is what drives me, gets my creative juices running, brings out emotion, etc. One thing I have noticed for some time in SL is the HipHop scene is near impossible to find. Everything... And I mean EVERYTHING is rock, jazz, and country clubs with rock and jazz dominating it. There are about 2 key places I can think of that play hiphop, but nothing with that... Urban club feel to it. Then you have all this techno, trance, house, etc. which really leaves me scratching my head because honestly... I just don't feel it. To each their own and I am sure it's just my personal style, I just don't get it. Again, I enjoy classic rock and today's rock as well so this is not a hit on that, just trying to figure out why the hiphop scene is just not here on the grid. So is it just me and I am just not finding these types of clubs in SL and hangouts or is it really like that and SL is just not a place where most people into hiphop go. Just curious as it is something I have observed.
  2. Good morning! Wow.... Been a long time since I have done this :-) I have been in SL for years. I still even have pictures dating way back and NO, I will not show them, lol. Oh how things have changed. There are 2 things that will just never leave SL and that is sex and nightclubs. I have watched from the days of Area54 where the club was open and really no detail to Bad Girls where it was taken to a new level and then GOL. None of these clubs exist today but, were the top clubs in SL for many years. What I also enjoyed about the nightclubs in SL outside of the music and people was the fact that some of these owners went to a level of detail to make it feel as real as possible. This was done through the talent they hired (DJ, Managers, etc.) and through the build itself for the club. Today just like sex, clubs are everywhere. As I said, they are not going anywhere as long as SL is online. What I have noticed though is there are really no good clubs anymore in terms of design. I have found maybe 3 and that was with allot of searches, visits, etc. It's very strange to me that with mesh and all the advances that the nightclubs have gone from really great detail and lighting to wood floors in an open box with a bunch of crap on the walls and some tables to pose drunk at. I can't be the only one who has noticed this, am I? I am not saying that a club needs to be mesh to be highly detailed because frankly, if you use your imagination and are creative, you can do just as much with prims if you are a master at texturing and yes of course this is just my opinion but, back to the topic at hand - Why are there no really nice clubs anymore? First this is NOT an advertisement for any club. Just pointing out what I have found. So you have clubs like Wet Willies. They play classic rock and are busy most of the time and the music is good but the sight... Boring as all hell. I mean to the point I find myself searching for new places. Then there is I think it's called Big Daddies or something like that. They do all 80's and again, just a big open dance floor thats... bla. Now I have found a few where it's not bad. Places like FogBounds where they play blues and are packed 24/7. This is small but the setup is well done to the point that when you are there, it's easy to get the feel that your in a real bar someplace. Another place I found that really blew me away is Hydra which plays house, trance, etc. The lighting and texturing done to this club is amazing but the layout has much to be desired. You can actually get lost in there, lol. Each time I have visited, I think the grand total of people there including the DJ has been around 4. Now this could be because of the type of music or maybe I am even visiting at bad times for my timezone. There are some clubs from way back in the day that are still going but the builds are so bad. Blackhearts is still rocking. I believe they are under new ownership though. Music is classic rock with great DJ's but again you walk in and it's like the place puts off no energy at all in terms of visuals. Another thing I have also noticed is that it's extremely hard to find any club playing any R&B from the early 90's on. Just a strange fact I noticed one day when I was in the mood for some classics but not 80's typical pop or rock. I could really not find a single place. Yes I know, my age :-) But still... SL has advanced in many ways with the visual experience and for a long time this was something that people really enjoyed about nightclubs outside of the music and people there. Why do you think this has been lost (only if you have noticed)? If you go to nightclubs to dance and be with friends or meet people, outside of the music taste, do you care what the club looks like? Is the design of the club even something you notice? Does it play any part in if you continue to visit or not? Just curious to hear what other think of the SL nightlife scene these days. Could be I am just missing out!
  3. To all who create clothing for mesh such as Adam in SL please do me one favor! The clothing produced to date is outstanding in quality, fit and price. I can not say enough about that. The only thing that is driving me completely nuts though are belts. I am begging all creators of mesh clothing, please, please, please make it so the belt on the jeans are optional or there is version includes with no jeans or some method to hide it. I have some really nice jeans I have purchased from multiple creators for Adam clothing and they all seem to have this issue. If you are shirtless or wear a tucked in shirt, it's perfection. Wear a shirt that is not tucked in and the belt on these jeans pokes right through. I gave tried everything you can think of to hide it with no luck. I like allot of the untucked shirts made for Adam but it never fails, these belts come right through. Hopefully some of the creators for mesh clothes specific to Adam and others will see this and find a method that works for the belt option. RIght now, allot of my jeans as nice as they are.... They are useless if I want to wear some of my nice shirts because of this. Thank you creators!!!!!!
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